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Name Phelim McIntyre
User Name Phelim
Home Page http://phelimmcintyre.mysite.freeserve.com
Birthday 02/12/1971
Specialism Fiction
Location Southern
Interests history, crime, christianity, fantasy, children`s
Profile Based in Hampshire, I have had a small number of short/flash fiction stories published. There are a couple of manuscriptson the go, of various crime/thriller sub-genre. My webiste is being built but the link has been added

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Death By Chocolate by Phelim Word Count: 3964

After accidentially uploading the lot (doh), here is part of a cosy crime novel. Based in a rural English village it may appear to be a D L Sayers/Agatha Christie type story, but looks can be decieving. I hope its not too long. 
5 Apr 2004

Death By Chocolate - chapters 3 and 4 by Phelim Word Count: 2906

The next instalment of an intellectual cosy. 
11 May 2004

Death By Chocolate chapter 5 and 6 by Phelim Word Count: 2094

The next two chapters of an intellectual cosy/traditional story. 
24 May 2004

Death By Chocolate chapters 10 to 12 by Phelim Word Count: 3093
1  Comment

More mysterious doings in Wykmead. 
8 Jun 2004

Death by Chocolate chapters 7 to 9 by Phelim Word Count: 2507

The next chapters of a not so cosy cosy crime story. 
26 May 2004

Island of the Strong Winds by Phelim Word Count: 1809

A short, historical murder mystery. I'm not completlely happy and would like advice on what's wrong. 
29 Jul 2004

Locusts and Honey by Phelim Word Count: 2125

While I rewrite a major chunk of "Death By Chocolate" here is something more psychological. 
17 Jun 2004

Locusts and Honey - chapter 2 by Phelim Word Count: 982

Time to move the story on. Is it realistic? 
24 Jun 2004

Sleeping Beauty by Phelim Word Count: 471

Nightmares of a king 
22 May 2004

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword by Phelim Word Count: 465

A very short crime story, inspired by one of those days. 
23 Mar 2004

The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword by Phelim Word Count: 462

A crime based flash fiction story. Editted since its first posting. 
13 May 2004

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