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All in the mind by Fredja Word Count: 2507

A woman befriends an illegal immigrant. (2500 words) 
26 Feb 2017

Charlie`s angel by Fredja Word Count: 2601

How a giant pumpkin can change your life 
16 Jun 2014

Eve of Destruction by Fredja Word Count: 1714

Reactions to a diseaese that threatens to wipe out all the women in the world. 
30 Dec 2013

Karim`s Door by Fredja Word Count: 1753

Karim has a question about Ramadan that leads to problems. (1750 words) 
19 Nov 2014

Methuselah by Fredja Word Count: 3235

17 Dec 2013

Writer`s Block by Fredja Word Count: 579

A conversation with a character. (600 words) 
4 Mar 2014

Writer`s Block II by Fredja Word Count: 1491

A story that is entirely dialogue between the author and one of his/her characters. (1460 words) 
7 Mar 2014

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