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George Harvey

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Member Since: 15 October 2013
Last visited: 16 August 2014
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Name George Harvey
User Name George Harvey
Birthday 10/06/1994
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Wrestling, anime, reading, writing
Profile My name is George B. Harvey, I am 19-years-old, I have Autism, and I am a second year professional writing student at NWK college in Dartford. I have been interested in being a writer for some years now and am hoping one day to get a big break.

Latest Work

The Flowers of War by George Harvey Word Count: 2534
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In a village under siege by the First World War, a British soldier feels distraught that so many residents are, un-righteously, losing their lives in the crossfire. He later encounters a young girl who gives him a flower and smiles as though she's unaware of the death and misery surrounding her. What is the girl's motivation for her flower-giving? And what part will she play in a battlefield full of blood and vengeance? This is something I wanted to create in honour of Remembrance Day. 
4 Aug 2014

A Prisoner I Am by George Harvey Word Count: 1770

This is a creative non-fiction piece, about a girl who is forcibly kept prisoner by a group of sadistic individuals. Or is it? Can the 'girl' and everything she's telling us really be all that it appears to be? It's one of those stories you have read twice and you'll see why. Enjoy. 
1 Jul 2014

The Nowhere Girl by George Harvey Word Count: 535
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A young girl is gazing out to a sunset. But who is she? Where does she come from? Why is she there? Not even she seems to know. This is a short piece which has had inspiration from various animes. It's also the first piece I've uploaded to WriteWords.org 
6 Nov 2013

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