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Name Andrew Westgate
User Name Zigeroon
Specialism Fiction
Location South East
Interests Surfing, Guitar, Tai Chi, Yoga
Profile I am a fifty year old, married, father of four. I have had short stories published in international surfing magazines. I have written eight novels of various genres, none of which have been published but recent submissions have elicited personal responses from literary agents. I surf, play guitar, practice Tai Chi and Yoga, not always at the same time.

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LINCHPIN by Zigeroon Word Count: 4133

Mafia based thriller. Orion enthusiastically picked it up. Rewrites, professional readers said no. Out with American publishers at present. 
19 Jun 2006

Olympian by Zigeroon Word Count: 4395

Chapter One of coming of age novel 
10 Apr 2005

Release by Zigeroon Word Count: 2623

20 Sep 2005

Steve The Spider by Zigeroon Word Count: 2677

One spiders fightback against birds with no regard for the symmetry and perfection of web design and construction 
25 Apr 2005

The First Going by Zigeroon Word Count: 2660

Almost to heaven and back 
4 Apr 2005

The Hand by Zigeroon Word Count: 3856

Short horror story. 
22 May 2006

Turning Point Ch4 by Zigeroon Word Count: 3483

7 Sep 2005

Vertically Challenged by Zigeroon Word Count: 4229

The small guy hits back. 
5 Feb 2005

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