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Name jan oskar hansen
User Name oskar
Home Page http://members.cox.net/joneve/poetry%20perforemed. html
Specialism Poetry
Location Other EU
Interests bird watching and painting Easter eggs
Profile poet and story teller http:// oskar.aucklandpoetry.com http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jan_Oskar_Hansen http://wwwYouTube.com/user/345bambi

Published Works

  oskar's (a.k.a. jan oskar hansen )   "Letters from Portugal" is published . (Available Now)
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     news Readings from "Letters From Portugal" on you/tube. com/user/345 bambi on video number nine...
    ( from http:// oskar.aucklandpoetry.com...)
     addresses http://members.cox.net/joneve/poetry%20perforemed. html http://waterforestpress.com/Books/EndOfTheVoyageJanOHansen.htm http://wwwYouTube.com/user/345bambi http://oskr.podbean.com/2008/04/29/endof voyage/ http:// oskar.auckla...
    ( from ...)

    Latest Work

    my lost brother by oskar Word Count: 235

    29 Apr 2009

    No love For Jonny by oskar Word Count: 81

    27 Apr 2009

    ...and it was Her Summer by oskar Word Count: 245

    24 Apr 2009

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