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Name AC Whitehouse
User Name acwhitehouse
Home Page www.WorkingOnABook.blogspot.com
Birthday 16/10/1976
Specialism Fiction
Location Yorkshire and Humberside
Interests Reading (obviously), cinema, art, environmental science, languages...
Profile 31-year-old mother of two, writing fiction in my spare time in West Yorkshire. I`m originally from Leicester but moved north for university. Studied environmental science (energy engineering) at Leeds and then climate change at DeMontfort. Worked for Leeds City Council but jacked that in when daughter no.2 arrived. One completed novel plus short stories, poems and childrens - nothing published. I also read/review at Arts Council funded site www.YouWriteOn.com.

Latest Work

A COURTYARD GARDEN by acwhitehouse Word Count: 1000

A true story for the womag market. Not ever so exciting but maybe it'll be seen as one of those ones people can relate to. Or maybe it's just shite. You be the judge. 
28 May 2008

Amelia`s Body, revised. by acwhitehouse Word Count: 2796

It's the first 2,800 words. I know that's a biggish chunk by WW standards, so you don't need to print all of it. It's a 2-strand crime novel. There's the Investigation, and then there's an alternating Post Mortem strand, which exposes the backstories behind some of the marks/scars on the body of the victim. An agent has just requested the 'full' and I have 4 weeks to get it up to scratch! 
2 Jan 2008

Stina Trolldatter, chapters 2 & 3 by acwhitehouse Word Count: 5660

Things begin to unravel between the children and their father, as they await their mother's return. Then the minister of their local church arrives, with bad news. 
22 Dec 2007

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