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 SW: Interns - opportunity or exploitation? Guest post by Lynn Michell This recession is taking a heavy toll on students as graduates search in vain for jobs. In September 2011, BBC News reported that 28% of UK graduates who left university in 2007 were still not in full-time work three and a half years later. Wor...
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 SW - Ta-DAAAAAAH!!! The fanfare is to welcome our new Strictly, Derek Thompson, who has manfully stepped into the shoes of our beloved Rod, who is off to poetical pastures new. Weíll miss Rodís wit and wisdom hugely, but Derek will be bringing his own brand to the party, as...
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 The making of it Iíve just heard that my novel, The Making of Her, will be published this Friday. Even as I write this, itís at the printers being turned into A Real Book. Iíve never had a baby, but I guess this is the nearest Iíll come to it. So please bear wit...
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