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Latest Work

Absent - synopsis by Skippoo Word Count: 1000

This is a synopsis of my new teen fic idea. It's to send to my agent, so she can check out the plot before I take it further. Plot is my weakness, so I want to know if this is the sort of thing that would keep someone reading. Oh, for anyone who remembers Tash and Kev, this is the same setting and Emma was a character in that. 
5 Oct 2014

Gonna B (opening and synopsis) by Skippoo Word Count: 2617

This is the opening five pages and synopsis (which is subject to minor changes as I haven't finished the novel yet) of Gonna B, a teenage novel about a fourteen year-old girl's obsession with a boy band. 
27 Apr 2010

Gonna B - chap 4 by Skippoo Word Count: 2477

More from my satirical teen novel about some girls stalking a boy band. I'd particularly like feedback on the section near the end, where I try to explain the PC/gimmick controversy. Does it work? Cheers. 
16 Jan 2010

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