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  caro55's (a.k.a. Caroline Rance)   Kill-Grief is published . (Available Now)
  • Chester, 1756: The hospital stench. The blood. The lecherous surgeon. Mary Helsall does not want to be a nurse. Who is the mysterious patient who claims to know what she's hiding? He knows all about her infatuation with a thief-taker, about her con

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     SW - Guest post by Andrew Sharp - The Ideal Reader I have a notion that Wordsworth’s line, I wandered lonely as a cloud, has nothing to do with walking the Cumbrian hills but is a metaphor for the poet’s mental state when he wrote. Writers mooch lonely in their thoughts whilst under the tips of the...
    ( from http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/2009...)
     SW - Tipping off Balance Don't use passive voice Don't use adverbs and adjectives Avoid the verb 'to be' Delete anything that you actually like Shoot yourself immediately if you ever feel tempted to use a dialogue tag other than 'said.'<...
    ( from http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/2009...)
     SW - Why bother with Twitter? Some say Twitter is essential for writers; others sneer at it as a time-wasting exercise in vanity. I wouldn't say it's essential (which for me means stuff like oxygen and water), but I do find Twitter useful and, what's more, fun. I&...
    ( from http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com/2009...)

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