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Latest Work

Green Dragon - Prologue, conclusion. by redcoat Word Count: 4588

Yes they're back, those Iron agers still bashing each other with swords. Actually its not a 'conclusion', I just haven't written the next bit yet . . 
20 Feb 2007

Green Dragon Prologue - deleted scene by redcoat Word Count: 1780

This used to fit in between the bit with the potters and Ghadran's sudden fit of violent rage. I was never quite comfortable with it but maybe it is useful afterall. 
5 Feb 2007

Green Dragon Prologue continuation by redcoat Word Count: 2514

Dran is the son of an Iron Age chieftan. A girl has caught his eye, but will bring ruin upon him. This continues where a previous installment left off. 
2 Feb 2007

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