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James Graham

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Name James Graham
User Name James Graham
Birthday 13/05/1939
Specialism Poetry
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Critique Central   Flash Poetry  
Location Scotland
Interests Poetry, drama, history, trees
Profile I`m a published poet - two collections, some print magazines, some poetry websites. I enjoy both formal and free verse. In my own work I generally avoid rhyme, because I`m not very good at it, but if you can rhyme, I`ll be full of admiration! Before joining WW I was a member of other internet poetry groups, and have always enjoyed reading and commenting on other people`s work. Any comments will always be constructive.

Published Works

  James Graham's   Clairvoyance is published in . (Available Now)
  • In James Grahams new collection we find poems that capture places from the scrambled heart of the city to the haunted stone circle on the moor; poems that travel in time, looking into the darkness at both ends of time; poems that are inspired by the

  •   James Graham's  Poetry Becoming a Tree is published in Matador Press. (Available March 2016)
  • James Grahams second collection has been praised for its diversity. Some poems are very personal but touch on all our life experiences. There is history and prehistory - including the much praised 'The Book of Lascaux'. And a humorous finale.

  • Latest Work

    For Ashraf Fayadh (two poems) by James Graham Word Count: 348

    There's a very serious, true story behind this poem. See below. (I've added a 'companion' poem, which tries to make a point of sorts.) 
    15 Dec 2015

    There`s more to Ontario than Niagara Falls by James Graham Word Count: 1700

    Any faults or inconsistencies in this revision - just let me know. 
    9 Apr 2015

    Crossings - aka Juxtapositions by James Graham Word Count: 146

    All very tentative. First of the two poems only. 
    18 Mar 2015

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