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Name Chas Wood
User Name Father_Rat
Birthday 05/04/1973
Specialism Fiction
Location Scotland
Interests Sci-fi, history, religion, myth, music, fantasy
Profile Graphic artist and writer mainly of long fiction: science fiction, high fantasy, currently working on a religious-themed thriller. Published 4-part graphic novel `The Black Flag` in 2005 (Brigid`s Hearth Press, Idaho), also currently collaborating on a humorous Scottish-based historical comic book.

Latest Work

`A Tale from the Lost Horizon, by Loxxibana Flauccivana` by Father_Rat Word Count: 6557

A short prequel to a full-length science fantasy trilogy collectively entitled 'Galactic Revelations'. A major character in these books is the large, reptilian alien Ssorg Ethdril Kthorn. The storyteller, Loxxi, is a close friend and associate of Ssorg in the first book. What follows is the story of how these two met for the first time and offers a glimpse into the past of one of the most important individuals in the 'Galactic Revelations' mythos. Words: 6557. 
1 Mar 2006

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