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Name Matthew Rowe
User Name mrmonkey1980
Birthday 06/05/1980
Specialism Various
Location East Midlands
Interests Movies, music and books. Asian cultures and traditions. Yoga, t`ai chi and all the rest.
Profile I wrote my first novel 4 years ago (a comic fantasy) and have been trying to sell it ever since while working on my second. I have tried many publishers and agents, even got some nice comments but no one`s willing to back it because its too different, I think. Recently I have taken to writing screenplays including short animations, a series and a feature, but it`s the novel I most want to succeed.

Latest Work

Improved By Death by mrmonkey1980 Word Count: 4277

This is the first chapter of my completed novel. A unique comedy fantasy about a young vampire and slacker who finds himself the only person inbetween a powerful enemy and the throne of the capital. I've been trawling it round agents and publishers for over 2 years, but no one has been willing to back it yet, because it is so different I think. They are afraid to take a risk. I don't think it's the quality of writing, though I could be wrong and open to any suggestions. Thanks! 
31 Jul 2006

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