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 I'm so ronery Ever seen 'Team America: World Police'? Well I feel just like Kim Jong Il (is that how you spell it?) did in the film. Isolated, alone, and ready to blow the hell out of anyone because of his 'ronriness'. What is truly sad, is that I ha...
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Latest Work

Nice Stories by JohnnyA Word Count: 1268

What happens after the story's finished? Even those that are there at the end, can't always give an answer. This is a work in progress and hasn't been submitted for publication anywhere. All feedback is appreciated. 
20 Jun 2007

All Trades Are Final by JohnnyA Word Count: 2079

A dodgy transaction. Cold consequences. 
11 Nov 2006

Gatecrashers by JohnnyA Word Count: 995
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9 Oct 2006

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