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Name Val Fieth
User Name Fieth
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests Photography, independent travelling, bridge, many games, walking. theatre, cinema, cycling,
Profile I am 59.This year I went to Venice Carnival, an amazing experience.Such wonderful creativity in costume and mask design and such fiercely cold weather. I went to Dublin for St. Patrick`s day My first grandchild was born in Malibu in July and I went to see her in October.She is beautiful.I had lots of visitors this year from many countries. I have a wonderful summerhouse at the end of my garden and a new pond with lots of plants. We had beautiful water lilies and fantastic dragon flies.

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 Wheels Wheels... November 2009 Wheels have always been a really important and integral part of my life. The big black shiny but scuffed pram was deep, to put shopping under the baby, which was used for the last four children was then used by us all to coll...
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My early years by Fieth Word Count: 4272

A personal recollection of my early years, growing up in Post War Britain 
21 Nov 2003

Rachel and Rob`s wedding by Fieth Word Count: 7068

The wedding of Rachel and Rob was most unusual. They live in Malibu and wanted to be married in England. I lent them every penny I had, then had to organise a wedding on fresh airand enthusiasm with lots of my friends. In the end we did it. It makes a lovely story even if some of it is in the wrong order. It would make a good film script. 
28 Jun 2003

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