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May Morning by Dreamer Word Count: 212

For Prosp's Flash II challenge 
24 May 2010

Change of Scenery by Dreamer Word Count: 476

For the change of scenery challenge. Set at the end of the French and Indian War, 1760. 
12 May 2010

Flash: The Bear and the Blood Hand by Dreamer Word Count: 749

My entry for Prosp's challenge. Takes place at the Anse au Foulon, a few days before Wolfe's men scale the cliffs to change history. 
22 Feb 2010

Flash: Close Encounter by Dreamer Word Count: 365

For the challenge, inspired, fittingly, by Prosp's ongoing 'close encounter' with his wife... until she flies back to Dubai 
2 May 2008

Flash: You Can`t Go Back and Fate by Dreamer Word Count: 724

Entries for Flash I and Flash II word counts are OK 
17 May 2007

Flash: A Gift in Trade from Another Country... by Dreamer Word Count: 300

Small excerpt from my Novel that fits the challenge. 
3 May 2007

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