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Name Sairah Din
User Name sairah19
Specialism Various
Location North West
Interests Cricket, Poetry, Football and Music

Latest Work

The Bradford Riots. Who is to Blame? by sairah19 Word Count: 2675
1  Comment

This identifies the riots between the BNP (British National Party) and the Asian community during the Bradford Riots and investigate how the problem started and how it has ended 
7 Apr 2003

Homophobia within India by sairah19 Word Count: 3014

The feature identifies the problems faced by homosexuals in India and talks about the groups that have been introduced within the country to combat the homophobia that exists 
7 Apr 2003

The Caste System in India by sairah19 Word Count: 3295

Talks about how the caste system originated in India and the problems that people within the lower castes still continue to face in this century. 
7 Apr 2003

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