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Name Alex Fleetwood
User Name ammonite
Birthday 22/07/1977
Specialism Various
Location London
Interests music, cooking, words, things that are new
Profile My resolutions for this year are: 1) To end the year in less debt than I began it; 2) To write something for myself every day; 3) To live more calmly, or at least with fewer artificial stimulants; 4) To not let my hopes canker into the large chip on my shoulder, and to do things, always do, not talk or prevaricate or self-dramatize. I`m very pessimistic about 1). 4) includes joining this website and posting my work. Here goes...

Latest Work

Tomatoes (revised) by ammonite Word Count: 2301

This is a revised version of a story I posted a while back, taking into account some of the crits I received at the time. If anyone can bear to re-read it, I'd love to know your thoughts. About to send this off again to Momaya Press (they've got a comp for food stories on at the mo). Thanks in advance, Alex x 
2 Jun 2004

Chanko - nabe (1) by ammonite Word Count: 1561

This was going to be a short story but it's rapidly becoming a long short story so I'm going to post it in chunks. 
28 Apr 2004

Down by ammonite Word Count: 461

A short piece that tries to describe a sexual experience without reference to gender. 
12 Apr 2004

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