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Name David Jones
User Name Powis
Home Page www.thewritespace.com
Birthday 04/03/1955
Specialism Various
Location Other International
Interests Reading, writing and fiddling
Profile Born in Wales, professional actor in London and provinces. Moved to Israel in 1990. Currently writing promos and docs for various production companies around the world.

Latest Work

Hampstead 1987 by Powis Word Count: 365

Louis's Tea Room. Is it still there? One of the poems I based on an overheard conversation one day. Mother and daughter, and the daughter doing all the talking. 
26 Aug 2004

Earth by Powis Word Count: 312

A poem about my grandmother's gardener, Bill Pierce. Looking at his hands, so gnarled and permanently soiled with earth, I used to wonder how he made love to his wife. And the 'she' in this poem is, of course, his wife, who I always knew as 'Mrs P', being born in a Welsh village. 
25 Apr 2004

Idiot Child by Powis Word Count: 111

Very personal and probably needs some explanation by way of context. This was a visit to the house where I used to live as a child. My mother died there and my adult self had the feeling that the 'me' that witnessed it all as a child was still there while I had moved on, reconciling myself to her death. Also 'sloping field' and 'weathered stones' refer to the graveyard across the road from the house and her funeral. The apple tree stands in the garden. 
6 Feb 2004

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