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Cliff Hanger

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Larnin` Tae Speak Propa by Cliff Hanger Word Count: 214

Moving from flash. I just wrote it for a bit of fun but I maybe see a serious theme in that I can't shove my granny off the bus. The rigmarole of life has brought me back. Perhaps that's what I'm getting at too. 
29 Jan 2018

Bobby`s Gap Year by Cliff Hanger Word Count: 469

Very rough but I tried. 
19 Aug 2017

The Shape of Dreams by Cliff Hanger Word Count: 79

I started reading 'A Sky Full of Birds' by Matt Merrit and I read the first line as 'I dream in birds' because I'm permanently tired I read it wrong and of course it was 'I dream of birds' but I began thinking it was an interesting idea to dream in birds. The shape of them rather than the subject matter and a bit disturbing too which fit the interference notion. I have ideas on how to improve it but just posting in original. 
1 Aug 2017

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