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Name Ronald Shields
User Name ronaldanne
Home Page poetryontherun.com
Birthday 12/02/1956
Specialism Poetry
Groups Flash Poetry   Poetry Writers Group  
Location US
Interests Poetry, Border Collies, Football Manager and Manchester United
Profile Born into an itinerant family I have spent most of six decades on the run from the bosom of the home fires. Married late in life to the vagabond daughter of a New England schoolmarm my heels have begun to cool to life on the road. I am retired. My poetry is informed and driven by experience of the small moment within the vastness of space. Most recent work can be found in The Linnet’s Wings summer edition. More of my work can be found at poetryontherun.com.

Personal Blog Posts

 Poet Jane Kenyon’s Advice on Writing: Some of the Wisest Words to Create and Live By “Be a good steward of your gifts.” Poet Jane Kenyon’s Advice on Writing: Some of the Wisest Words to Create and Live By “Be a good steward of your gifts.”...
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 Epithalamium - A Greek poetic form that may inspire some of our fine WW poets. Here you go light low and long in the fields at sunset and sunrise Everything twice a doubled existence two nows two thens two names yours and the other one also yours folded into a paper boat the points of ...
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 Unlocking the Unconscious Through Poetry Here is the first stanza of the poem that changed my mind about Ashbery, and therefore about contemporary American poetry, and I guess therefore my life: The One Thing That Can Save America Is anything central? Orchards flung out on ...
( from https://www.theparisreview.org/blog/2017...)

Latest Work

Patience and Sarah by ronaldanne Word Count: 116

This is my entry to the call for love poems. It is not my forte. The poem is inspired by a bit of history from the American frontier. 
9 Aug 2017

Farmhouse Evening by ronaldanne Word Count: 78

First, thank you for the comments and suggestions for my previous poem. They were immensely helpful in getting the first 2 lines sorted out. This poem is a memory of my first night in a farmhouse before picking tomatoes in the morning. 
6 Aug 2017

Another Lonely Paradise by ronaldanne Word Count: 126

An encounter with a snake raises existential questions. 
2 Aug 2017

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