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Name Jo-Ann Newton
User Name Jojovits1
Birthday 04/08/1970
Specialism Various
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Fiction   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Reading, writing (of course), live comedy and knitting
Profile I used to be an avid writer when I was much younger but when teenage angst left me, I seemed to lose the drive although I never lost the love of the written word. Recently, through the enthusiasm of a good friend who also writes, I seem to have got the bug again. I would welcome any advice that helps me on my journey to get back in the saddle.

Latest Work

Pina Roses by Jojovits1 Word Count: 89

My mum had a Pina rose bush (never knew if that was the right name or if the Scottish had bastardised it a little - turns out, it was!!) that she loved. It was fresh and lovely while I was similar...it got a bit run down when mum was on her own and then it went. It was definitely after I moved away. It witnessed a lot! I was sick on it once (sorry) and fell on it and played with it...I was a strange kid :-) 
1 Jul 2020

Tiny Little World by Jojovits1 Word Count: 115

Lockdown with me working from home in a one bed flat and hubby having to breathe the same air - with no escape. Help please. I feel it's either too long or too condensed, missing the point and need to fix! 
11 May 2020

17 by Jojovits1 Word Count: 45

I was lucky enough spend most of my Saturday nights with the best people in the world at one of the biggest rock venues in the West of Scotland. It really was my tribe. We had a reunion a few years ago and I was begging to go home to bed at 1am! If I could have one night to go back though, I'd go back to being 17. One night would be enough, mind! :-) 
10 May 2020

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