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Name Jo-Ann Newton
User Name Jojovits1
Birthday 04/08/1970
Specialism Various
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Fiction   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Reading, writing (of course), live comedy and knitting
Profile I used to be an avid writer when I was much younger but when teenage angst left me, I seemed to lose the drive although I never lost the love of the written word. Recently, through the enthusiasm of a good friend who also writes, I seem to have got the bug again. I would welcome any advice that helps me on my journey to get back in the saddle.

Latest Work

Some limericks for this week’s challenge by Jojovits1 Word Count: 92

Bit late to the party this week :-) 
22 Nov 2020

Magic Exists by Jojovits1 Word Count: 70

For this week’s prompt and a lot more practical than my usual Halloween shenanigans. With another lockdown looming, I take peace from the little things and the comfortable things. For me, that’s magic.  
31 Oct 2020

Hell`s Kitchen by Jojovits1 Word Count: 121

Something silly and light. I have an irrational hatred of cooking certain things. Pork chops is high on the list - too much effort, too little pay back. Dippy eggs is on there too and the smell of HP sauce makes me want to heave - unless it's on mince and tatties or a corned beef sandwich. I can also have it on a ham sandwich (but only if there is no butter). I'm a foodie weirdo! 
17 Oct 2020

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