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Max China

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Name Max China
User Name Max China
Home Page http://www.skinnybirdproductions.com
Specialism Fiction
Location London
Interests I love reading, writing, and listening to music, off road cycling, the great outdoors, freedom and much more besides . . .
Profile Max works in construction management, writing in his spare time. He says: `They say everyone has a book inside them just waiting to be written, and I`ve wanted to write mine since I was seventeen. It took a long time. Now that I`ve completed one, I`ve started another. I research anything that piques my interest with a passion. I am currently writing a spin-off novel featuring characters that made an appearance in The Sister.`

Published Works

  Max China's (a.k.a. Max China )  novel The Sister is published by Skinnybirdproductions. (Available Now)
  • CORNWALL, ENGLAND, 1967. Two children witness a murder. One, a seven-year old boy, views it from fifty yards - the other, a young Irish girl, from miles away . . . A variety of seemingly unconnected people are introduced and woven into the fabric of t

  • Latest Work

    The Sister by Max China Word Count: 8188

    Cornwall, England 1967. Two children witness a murder. One, a young Irish clairvoyant, views it from miles away, the other from fifty yards...  
    2 May 2013

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