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 Fiction writing 101: the fluffy pink cloud of early sobriety (and writing first drafts) When I was in early sobriety, I heard people talking about a 'fluffy pink cloud'. It's that high that recovering alcoholics get when they've put down the bottle and life appears to be falling back into place again - you feel excited about ...
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 New year, new goals For various reasons, I didn't write very much last year at all. At the beginning of the year I was busy with university work, and I got out of the habit of setting my laptop up after the kids were in bed except to write an essay. Then I had a couple o...
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 Getting back to basics When I first started writing, I had a plan. It wasn't a particularly detailed plan, but there was a focus to it. I decided, primarily, to write as much as I could, whilst learning about the process of writing at the same time. In the beginning, this w...
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