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Smyrna 1911 Kat and Jerry by George1947 Word Count: 2393

Jerry, a young, aristocratic Englishnan, has been bewitched by Kat, a belly-dancer(Stage-name, Yasmina - the Pearl of the Nile.) Having met her, he discovers she is Scottish. This is their second meeting. 
1 Dec 2018

Smyrna 1911 Alan and Eleni (part 1) by George1947 Word Count: 3367

This is a second story about people in the city. As yet, this, and the other four stories are unconnected. I would welcome comments that highlight a passage and say, "This is all waffle." or "Boring!!!" or "You are being self-indulgent. We don't need to know this." and, surprise, surprise, "Excellent, George, this is good stuff." 
16 Nov 2018

Smyrna 1911 by George1947 Word Count: 2121

This book is intended to be a celebration of Smyrna before its armageddon ten years later. I started with the city, its inhabitants and its visitors - but no no plot. I have about five storieslines which I hope will coalesce soon. Below are the first three scenes in which Maisie appears. There are another three but to include them would have may it too long. I loved your last crits and look forward to more of the same 
25 Oct 2018

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