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Name Jo-Ann Newton
User Name Jojovits1
Birthday 04/08/1970
Specialism Various
Groups Poetry Writers Group   Flash Fiction   Flash Poetry  
Location South East
Interests Reading, writing (of course), live comedy and knitting
Profile I used to be an avid writer when I was much younger but when teenage angst left me, I seemed to lose the drive although I never lost the love of the written word. Recently, through the enthusiasm of a good friend who also writes, I seem to have got the bug again. I would welcome any advice that helps me on my journey to get back in the saddle.

Latest Work

Stray by Jojovits1 Word Count: 54

Ok, this is smaltz but my boy gave me inspiration (albeit badly written). My cat was a rescue. He had sores and hardly any teeth. He was a sorry sight. Four years on he's still a poorly sod! I remember when we went to meet him, I expected a bedraggled little ginger heap but we walked through the door and he was sitting upright, eyes bright, looking so hopeful. I fell in love at that moment and even though he is a vetinary money pit, I have not fallen out of it yet. 
26 Nov 2019

The Contract by Jojovits1 Word Count: 537

I Googled "Predictions for the world in 100 yrs". It was scary stuff! One of the predictions was that marriage would not be infinite but would be to contracted time scales. Then I thought of this... 
26 Nov 2019

Retrograde by Jojovits1 Word Count: 37

We're in another Mercury retrograde (often mentioned by me as "another bloody retrograde"). Stuff just goes wrong, travel plans in particular and as a dedicated passenger, this can be tedious. However, it can also be a time of looking back and reflecting. I've been doing 13 hour days this week (stock take), stressing and eating my feelings, so I'm obviously still in a bit of a retrogrady mood :-) 
15 Nov 2019

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