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New Writer Magazine Interview

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Recent issues have included writing and interviews from poet Mario Petrucci and crime writer Minette Walters among many others.
WriteWords talks to the Editor of The New Writer magazine

What’s your background? Tell us about The New Writer

In addition to being editor of The New Writer, I am also an author and publisher with some 20 titles under my belt - not all published in my own name.

In September 1996 two existing publications (Quartos and Acclaim) merged to form The New Writer in order to blend the successful formula of how-to (Quartos) with high quality fiction (Acclaim).

What kind of submissions/themes are you interested in at the moment/near future and why did they stand out?

We are interested in all forms of writing-related issues, providing they have a fresh and interesting approach and not tired, old pieces trotted out year after year.

Who are your favourite writers/writing and why?

Personally, I generally prefer non-fiction to fiction but a few of my favourite modern novelists whom I read for pleasure are: John Fowles, Federico Andahazi, Robert Goddard and Lincoln Preston. Why? Each has its own individual style that stands out from the rest.

What excites you about a piece of writing- what keeps you interested?

Originality! I like a writer who finds new ways of saying things.

And what turns you off- any big obvious no-no’s?

On a purely personal level - mawkish sentimentality.

What do you think are the most common mistakes new writers make?

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