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Indigo Dreams Interview

Posted on 23 July 2010. © Copyright 2004-2024 WriteWords
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WriteWords talks to Ronnie Goodyer at Indigo Dreams Publishing

Tell us something about your background.

The company is run by myself and partner Dawn Bauling, a self-confessed book-sniffer. Together we are ultimately responsible for all things Indigo Dreams. We make the final selections and oversee book formatting, printing, marketing, and, more often than not, cover design. The book starts, and stops, here! I ran a celebrity management company which handled their commercial ventures and also included ghost-writing and publishing, both poetry and fiction. Clients included Uri Geller, with his first fictional novel Shawn, Mike Read’s Elizabethan Dragonflies and cricketer-turned-artist Jack Russell’s A Cricketer’s Art.

I introduced poetry to Bluechrome and was Poetry Editor before forming Indigo Dreams. In that capacity I selected many titles for first publication, giving new poets a chance, devised and selected work for anthologies and adjudicated their competitions. I was also on the BBC adjudication panel for their Off By Heart poetry series in 2009. Dawn is a librarian by trade and worked in both libraries and schools. She oversees most of the copy-editing work and financial aspects of Indigo Dreams Publishing. Our books are distributed by Central Books and we have a print facility in the US as well as UK. Additionally we use the services of a sales agency for selected titles. Our plan was to develop the book publishing side with poetry and then move into wider areas. We now have the structure in place to do that and the progression has been very smooth.

Who’s on your list and why?

The ‘why’ is because we saw something in the writing that struck a chord with us. As independent publishers, we are not restricted by anything other than our self-imposed budget. This enables us to take more risks and support those writers and poets whose work we believe in. The process starts with the initial submission to us and the author’s belief it portrays. Among recent acquisitions are the latest book from author, playwright and professional theatre practioner Robert Leach and multi-published novelist Frances Galleymore.

What excites you about a piece of writing- what keeps you interested?

A submission that engages immediately and goes on to maintain that interest - not with the exhibitionism of a lap-dancer but with the subtle surprise of spice in a meal, one that leaves a lingering taste; a unique style with few wasted words. This is particularly important in poetry. “Do I need this” is a good question to keep asking. We also like to see authors that are willing to engage in the selling process to maximise sales, though this really should be second nature.

and what makes your heart sink?

Badly presented manuscripts, pale copies of best sellers, stilted and clichéd use of language. Blanket submissions where an author sends manuscripts to a large number of publishers and includes all their email addresses!

Can you tell us what makes a pitch/covering letter/synopsis/etc work best for you?

Covering letters etc don’t really come into it with Indigo Dreams as we have a proposal form that gives us all the initial info we require. Full manuscripts are requested from those that attract our interest and we make any selection from those. The synopsis should tell the complete story, with important characters, ideally in 1000 words or less. We shouldn’t have to go back with questions.

Can you tell us about a recent acquisition?

We received a proposal form for a novel. The synopsis (500 words) interested us. The style was unique, the plot engaging and the outlined characters intrigued. We asked to see the complete manuscript and mentioned we particularly wanted to see how the erotic content was handled and the flow of the book. These are generally great stumbling blocks! The author presented it quickly, and correctly, with first lines of a chapter (or section) flush to the margin and following paragraphs indented etc. She also addressed the issues in a pleasant covering email (we far prefer electronic to print copy and dialogue). We liked what we read, thought others would too, and offered a contract which she accepted. This took place in June 2010. The book will be released March/April 2011.

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