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Earlyworks Press Interview

Posted on 19 January 2007. © Copyright 2004-2024 WriteWords
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Writewords talks to Kay Green of Earlyworks Press

Tell us something about your background.

First of all, itís not actually a company. By trade Iím a freelance writer, proof-editor and English teacher. My aim for the Press is to make it pay for itself. I donít think itís ever likely to pay the rent as well! Iíve been in contact with other writers and small presses for years, as a writer and a lover of non-mainstream publications but as most people do, I spent the first ten years or so of my writing career as a lone wolf trying to find a way in. A couple of years ago (and about ten years after everyone else) I started realising the potential of the Internet Ė the end of the Ďlonely garretí concept! So I built myself a website, designed the club forum and started looking for writers and illustrators who would like to use it in interesting ways. Everything else has sprung from that.

How do you find writers?

Through the competitions. At first, we simply waited to see who would find us on the website but itís been up for over a year now, and is getting a lot of attention. We are a small club by internet standards and the work on the club forum is fairly in-depth. We realised that maintaining an open invitation would lead to too much instability. If people go to the bother of entering a competition and their work gets shortlisted we know they arenít just casual browsers. We do still consider applications on the site sometimes though. It depends whether people offer work that impresses us and how busy we are in the club.

What excites you about a piece of writing-

Learning! Especially about the nature of people and communications. When a piece challenges an idea Iíve had, or demonstrates something I hadnít realised before, Iím absolutely enthralled but, to quote an old chestnut, donít tell me, show me Ė I like to do my learning through a good story.

and what makes your heart sink?

Firstly reading something that doesnít have a heart. Too many people write because they want to be a writer, rather than out of a love of story or poetry. You can tell a mile off when youíre reading something by someone who doesnít read!

Secondly, finding Iíve started on something that is offering me sex, violence or fear for no good reason. There is far too much written on those lines and too often itís totally directionless. There is no subject a writer canít treat in an interesting way with a bit of thought so expecting the reader to enjoy a story just because thereís a fight or some sex in it is depressing.

A longer version of this interview is available to WriteWords Full and Community Members.
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Comments by other Members

nessiec at 14:21 on 20 January 2007  Report this post
Your advice to writers is very similar to my own. Great interview, many thanks.

Account Closed at 09:01 on 21 January 2007  Report this post
Great interview. Thoroughly enjoyed reading this. Thanks, Kay!

optimist at 10:50 on 21 January 2007  Report this post
Very interesting interview.

Thank you.

tinyclanger at 16:47 on 21 January 2007  Report this post
Great stuff. And I'm going to enter...

allendavid at 12:12 on 12 December 2017  Report this post
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