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Broadway, Barking Interview

Posted on 14 October 2010. © Copyright 2004-2024 WriteWords
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WriteWords talks to Montserrat Gili, Associate Director at The Boradway, Barking, about Script This, the theatre's exciting process for new writers

Tell us all about The Broadway-

The Broadway is a contemporary multi-artform space located on the border of East London and Essex with the vision to be outstanding at enhancing the local cultural experience by inspiring and developing vibrant communities of artists, participants and audiences that reflect the rich diversity of East London. One of the events we run that reflects our ethos to develop and offer opportunities to new artists is “Script This”, a bi-monthly new writing event providing a platform for London's playwrights.

“I was very pleased to see my piece given a real good work out. Your work in rehearsals certainly brought it to life” Frank Bramwell

What are you looking for/offering to writers?

We are looking for writers at any stage of their career that have a play they wish to test or develop further. The play should not have been performed before, and it can be an any stage of its development! Maybe the play is not finished and you need a little push or idea to develop it further.

‘Script This’ gives writers the opportunity to test their material in a safe environment where a professional team of actors will rehearse the scripts and perform them in front of a live audience, then the writer will have the change to hear their honest feedback. And trust me, our audience have a lot to say!
Being this a competition the audience votes for the play they would like to see more of and the winner has the opportunity to come back the following month with a longer piece of script or the continuation of what we’ve seen. But for some writers might be enough to simply hear their words out loud!

What excites you about a piece of writing- what keeps you interested?

Originality, a good story, believable characters and sometimes an innovative approach to theatrical conventions are all elements that I look for when reading new scripts. But what makes me put the script on the yes pile is when I want to know “what happens next?” It’s in the rehearsal room that a piece of play writing is properly tested: how easy was to read for the actors? Is it understandable what happens on stage? Do the characters say enough or do they say too much? Nothing worse than over exposure!!

-and what makes your heart sink?

As I said above… over exposure, nothing worse than read something like: “as you know, you being my brother and me being blind…”. And believe me, it happens a lot.

A longer version of this interview is available to WriteWords Full and Community Members.
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