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Collated Answers from WW interviews

Where do you write?
Ardella JonesUsually in my little study at home but I always have a notebook on me especially for poetry and, now I have a whizzy new lap top, I can write by in my lovely garden Ė if it ever stops raining that is.
Christina Courtenay

At a small desk in an alcove which I call ďmy officeĒ. Itís crammed with all sorts of stuff (Iím not a very tidy person) and I have a notice board on the wall with cut out pictures of gorgeous possible heroes (good excuse, donít you think?)
George SzirtesGenerally at my desk at the computer.
James BurgeIn my study at a desk. The British Library is also good if it is not too crowded
Judith JohnsonAt home, at my computer, or in my head while wandering around.
Matt LynnI can write anywhere, so long as itís on a computer. As a matter of convenience I usually write in my study at home. But I enjoy writing on trains, or on a hotel balcony just as much.

Patrick DillonAnywhere. I wrote The Last Revolution in the London Library, but The Story of Britain was written in odd moments on holiday and at weekends.
Sarah SalwayIn libraries as often as I can. I feel comfortable being surrounded by books and people reading them.
Sue MoorcroftI have a study that is way too small and way too cluttered but functional. It could do with being warmer!