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Collated Answers from WW interviews

Tell us all about your writing background-
Lee HenshawFreud sat behind his couch because he didnít want his patients staring at him. I feel the same way about my writing. Iím not keen on reading it or talking about it. I will always talk about it if Iím asked though because I want to find an audience for it, although you will notice that my answers to these questions become increasingly uptight.

Most of my writing gets chucked in a box and stays there. Queer Fish in Godís Waiting Room is the first sensible thing to come out of that box.

Iíve only finished two stories before, my University dissertation Ė a short story called Hedley Had An Erection Ė and another short story for the Manor House Book Club, A Pocket full of Cheese and a Garden full of Trees.