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Collated Answers from WW interviews

Have you got a website/event coming up that we can let our members know about?
Adventures in FictionThe Adventures in Fiction website contains a dedicated section covering all aspects of the Apprenticeships scheme. It includes profiles of both the current and previous year’s apprentices and their feedback on the scheme.
Al Hunter Ashtonhttp://www.alhunterashton.com and teaching in Turkey on the Write on Holidays. (http://www.writeonholiday.co.uk)
Catherine CooperWe live in the South of France and have a gite –www.ariegegite.moonfruit.com – it is also available for both catered and self-catered writing retreats.
Cathy GlassMy website – http://www.cathyglass.co.uk has a blog where all are welcome to add their comments. I answer all emails personally.
Dawn FinchMy website is pretty basic – http://www.brotherhoodofshades.com – and, hopefully there will be a launch for the book but that is in the hands of other people right now. I’m not planning anything, but not ruling out anything either. If anyone wants me for something I’m happy to take a look and they should contact me through Ivan Mulcahy at http://www.mca-agency.com
Gillian CrossMy website is http://www.gillian-cross.co.uk and one day, very soon, I really will bring it up to date.
John RitchiePlease tell them about ‘Kissing Frankenstein and other Stories’ an anthology of Flash Fiction Stories from West Country Writers. This anthology was one of a number put together to celebrate the first annual Flash Fiction Day on May 16th 2012. It contains 53 excellent and thought-provoking stories by such luminaries as Sarah Hilary, Tania Hershman and some bloke called Ritchie. It is available from Lulu.com and is a thumping good read.
Neil Nixon

I’m always talking to people about joining the Foundation Degree in Professional Writing. The helpline handling the enquiries is; 0800 074 1447

I update the news on my site www.neilnixon.com every three months.

The next event is the launch of the hospice book at Waterstones, Earl Street, Maidstone on January 20th (6.45pm) and entry is free. It’ll be the first time I’ve done a gig with Ann Widdecombe!

Nicky SingerI wish. That’s something I haven’t got to. But my niece is just learning such things at university, so I hope she might help me out in the near future.
I will be appearing at the 2008 Brighton Children’s Book Festival in April though (in some fantastic company – eg David Almond) – see http://www.bcbf.org.uk
Peter RobertsonNo, I don’t have my own website as yet. But it’s interesting, and timely, that you should ask me about this as I am thinking of getting one constructed. The idea is there, waiting in the queue, and getting more and more vociferous in its bid to capture my attention. Thank you very much for giving me this opportunity to talk with you today—it has been my pleasure.
Sarah Stovellhttp://www.sarahstovell.com
Sol B RiverNo, sorry. But try http://www.solbriver.com or http://www.twotracksandtextme.co.uk in a month or so ..