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Collated Answers from WW interviews

What’s next for you?
Al Hunter AshtonHolby City. I’m lucky because I really do love Holby and EE, so I like to write as many as I can. I saw the first series of Holby and just loved it. I asked to write on the second and have been there off and on since. I don’t know why, I just loved it.
Alan WilliamsContinue doing what I’m doing, hopefully refining my skills more and more each month. I know now that I have the necessary technical abilities and my own unique strengths. Moreover I enjoy what I do and what I achieve.
Ali McNamaraThis year is going to be very exciting with the build up to the publication of From Notting Hill with Love...actually in November. Because it’s my first novel every stage is new and extra special - from the copy edit to getting the all important front cover. I nearly burst my husband’s ear drum the other night when I found my novel listed on Amazon, Waterstones & WH Smith’s websites for the first time I was so excited.
I’m also working on my next novel - a Celtic romantic comedy set on a remote island just off the west coast of Ireland.

I also blog here:
Andrew BlackmanI am working on a new novel about identity in the age of blogging, Myspace and Facebook. It strikes me that identity formation online is a very different, new thing: identity is malleable, shifting and manifold. The novel is about someone who grew up in this world, and what happens when he applies online rules in the “offline” world.

My blog is at http://www.andrewblackman.wordpress.com
Andrew LownieMy plans for the future? I may return to an idea I explored a few years ago of having an agency publicist working on promoting authors generically and between books but otherwise it will be business as usual. Though the number of submissions is growing, I plan to stay a one-man band working from home, widening my range of industry contacts and trying to maximise the earning potential and success of my authors .
Ardella JonesFinishing that novel! I would like to hit on a London female voice equivalent to Elmore Leonard’s male American voice.

We have courses and workshops throughout the year, some of which I am teaching. Our next reading event at Balham Bowls Club is at 7pm Sunday 27th March 201. I’ll be compeering and Chalk the Sun students and other local writers will be reading their work.
Beanie BabyI would like to finish the Yucketypoo series with a bang and Lollypop have already expressed an interest in me staying with them beyond that to tackle something new so I probably will. But I also have all the bones of an historic novel I would love to write, based on my great great grandmother who was abandoned at the age of two and went from orphanage, to workhouse, to being a maid of all work to being a happily married mum in the space of her lifetime. Generally speaking though, as long as I can write anything I am happy!

I began a blog last August, which I sometime link up to from WW which is all about being a writer and a fifty-year old woman in the 21st century. I try to keep it humorous and that is on http://www.jphl.blogspot.com and there is also the website that Lollypop Publishing set up for the Yucketypoo books which is on http://www.yucketypoo.co.uk - and my WW showpage, of course. Events - the publisher is trying to line up a book-signing in Foyles so I will let everyone know more about that in due course. In the meantime, I'd like to thank you for giving me this opportunity and also anyone who reads it - and finally a big thanks to WriteWords for becoming so integeral a part of my writing career!
Bill SpenceNext for me is: Dangerous Shores will be published in hardback by Piatkus on 27the September,
Reach For Tomorrow also from Piatkus comes out in paperback on 8th November.
I have just finished another Jessica Blair book and it is in the hands of the editor.
I am working on the outline of the next one.
Cally TaylorI’m currently editing my second novel and have until 1st December to get it to my editor. Once that’s out of the way I’ll start thinking up ideas for my third novel.

On October 15, to celebrate the publication of my novel, I launched my own short story competition because I want another writer to experience the kind of breakthrough moment I had when I placed in the Woman’s Own short story competition. The competition is open until 15 January 2010 and there are some amazing prices – including a one-on-one consultation with an agent at the Darley Anderson Agency for the top three prizewinners!

Terms and conditions can be found on the ‘competitions’ page of my website – http://www.callytaylor.co.uk
Candi Miller
Caroline RanceI'm working on another novel, working title “For the Love of Freaks” about sideshows in Victorian England. I'm also planning a light-hearted non-fiction book about the quack remedies advertised in 19th-century newspapers. I already run a blog on that theme called The Quack Doctor, and the book is growing from the research I do for that.

My website is http://www.carolinerance.co.uk, and I have two blogs – http://writingandallthat.wordpress.com and http://quackdoctor.wordpress.com. I also regularly contribute to Strictly Writing (http://strictlywriting.blogspot.com)
Cassandra ClareI'm planning a series set in the world of the Mortal Instruments, but a
hundred years earlier. I want to set a story about witches and warlocks
in Gilded-Age era New York and Victorian London.
Readers can always check in on me at http://www.cityofbones-book.bebo.com and http://www.mortalinstruments.com
There's a ton of info there and a page listing events.
Catherine CooperFinish my latest YA novel, which is about amnesia.
Catherine RichardsSurviving until the summer holidays then getting my head down and getting another novel written.

Sadly, I have become addicted to MySpace and hang out on there with the guys from Legend Press and some of the other Legend authors. I try to keep people up to date with my writing through the blog I keep on there. I’m in Legend Press’ ‘Top Friends’ (or at least I was when I last checked) so I’m quite easy to find.

Heading South is available at a special summer half-price discount at Legend Press’ online shop.
Cathy GlassI am writing a non-fiction ‘guide to parenting’ based on my experience of looking after children with severe behavioural difficulties. My readers gave me the idea. Many wrote and said that they had found my techniques (referred to in Damaged and Hidden) very useful for managing their children’s difficult behaviour. While there are ‘child-rearing gurus’ already writing, my book concentrates specifically on behavioural issues and gives a completely new approach, with techniques that work.

Christina CourtenayAs I said, I’m working on the revisions of novel number two, The Scarlet Kimono. After that, I’ve got a sequel to Trade Winds planned (and written in first draft) and after that, we’ll see.
Claire Allen'Signed, Sealed, Delivered' is to be submitted by September. I'm currently planning book three 'Jumping in Puddles'.

My website http://www.claireallan.com is now up and running. 'Rainy Days and Tuesdays' will be released in July. Publication diary at http://www.trashionista.com
Claire MossHaving another baby in March is the most significant date in my diary. Other than that, I'm working on the second draft of my next book – another contemporary romance, as yet untitled.

Northern Soul Revival is being launched with a signing at Waterstones, Orchard Square in Sheffield on Wednesday 3rd February at 6.30pm. Tickets are £2, redeemable against the cost of the book on the night, and are available through the store: 0114 272 8971.
Clare SambrookHide & Seek is just out in paperback. I’m wrestling with my second novel.

I’m performing at the Harrogate Crime Writing Festival in July. My publisher’s website is Canongate.net.

Courttia NewlandMore books, screenplays, theatre. BBC 3 have commissioned a pilot episode of Society Within, so I hope they’ll commission more and it’ll be a great

My site is http://www.courttianewland.com, and will be online
from august 1st.
Danny RhodesTo finish the next novel and the next and so on...
My website is http://www.dannyrhodes.net. Anybody can contact me through the contact link. I’m more than happy to answer questions from aspiring writers. The only thing I can’t do is find them a publisher!

I’ll be appearing at the Chester and Canterbury Festivals in October. No specific details as yet though!
Dawn FinchWell, it is probably an auction for my manuscript and then the long trawl of contracts and negotiations and my lovely lovely agent nagging various people on my behest.
For me I’m off to Central America for a long holiday with my family and to research the sequel to this book.
Deborah SwiftI have a more ideas for books jostling in my headspace, like bats in a belfry, so I guess lots more writing. Bits of the book I am currently working on are uploaded on the Historical Fiction group on this site.
And here are the plugs :-
You can pre-order The Lady’s Slipper on Amazon, or visit my website to find out more about it http://www.deborahswift.webs.com,
or my blog “the Riddle of Writing” at http://www.deborahswift.blogspot.com
or Macmillan New Writers at http://www.macmillannewwriters.blogspot.com
I am represented by Annette Green, http://www.annettegreenagency.com

Dee WeaverI'm reformatting The Winter House so that it can be distributed via Smashwords to Barnes & Noble online, and also Sony, Nook, and various other ebook stores. I have a couple of other finished manuscripts that I’d like to upload too, but I want to learn how to create the covers myself. At the moment it’s the only thing I can’t do. After that, more writing.

Domenica De RosaThe paperback of The Eternal City is out in June 2006.

You can find out more about my books on the Hodder website www.madaboutbooks.com.
Elizabeth BuchanFinishing The Book of Hours. My publishers keep sending me ‘friendly’ emails.

The Second Wife has just been published in paperback and I’m thrilled that it has just gone into the bestseller lists. It is listed on my website: http://www.elizabethbuchan.com
Elizabeth SpellerI’ve just finished a book –The First of July - and am about to start working on edits with my editor at Virago. This one, which is rather different to anything I’ve done before, will come out next year, meanwhile I am contracted to write one more novel, so am busy thinking of ideas.


Eva SalzmanThe Seren anthology is pending, and the novel I’m not writing.

Recently, I read at the Wordsworth Trust, Oxfam Marylebone and an event for the unveiling of a memorial to Ken Saro-Wiwa, in conjunction with the release of an anthology dedicated to his memory. For now, thankfully, things have gone quiet.

My web-site is: http://www.evasalzman.com .
Books available: http://www.amazon.co.uk or http://www.bloodaxebooks.com/

Fiona RobynI have three books coming out this year, so that’ll keep me busy… I’m going on blog tour with The Letters during March. I’ll also keep writing my ‘small stones’, and continue working on my current novel.

My main site is at http://www.fionarobyn.com, and I blog about what it’s like to be a writer at http://www.plantingwords.com. I’d be very happy to see you there.
Flicking LizardAt the moment we are busy preparing our first books for publication in February/March. After that I would like to ensure that Flicking Lizard continues to grow and has good brand recognition. Our aim is to publish around 20 books a year of original writing.
Gary DavisonFinish my second novel before Christmas and get started on another. This time in the third person. I’m looking forward to re-inventing myself even though the first one’s not out yet!

My blog’s at http://www.paperbooks.co.uk. My book is out on 11th Feb 08.
George SzirtesThe next book. The completion of the respond / reply collaborative project (http://www.carolinewright.com/NewsTwo.html) with artists Phyllida Barlow, Caroline Wright and Helen Rousseau. I would like to do another book with Clarissa, my wife. Another project is The Voice Project (http://www.voiceproject.co.uk/), a text for Norwich Cathedran with Jonathan Baker and Sian Cruse.

Reading in Norwich this coming Tuesday, in Gort, Ireland the day after. Appearing at The Battle of Ideas (http://www.battleofideas.org.uk/index.php/2010/partner_detail/105/), (‘Poetry and the Tyranny of Relevance’, 5.30-6.30) Sunday 31 October. Stephen Spender Prize-giving on 10 November (one of the judges). Recent poems just out in Poetry Review (with another to come next issue) and The Poetry Bus, online at Blackbox Manifold (http://www.manifold.group.shef.ac.uk/issue5/GeorgeSzirtes.html) Long, slightly Addisonian review of life work in the TLS by Fiona Sampson a couple of issues ago. Ambit due to publish some poems too. Poem commissioned for the new Council of Europe House in Smith Square. Essay on Hungarian photography for Royal Academy exhibition, currently in the process of being written.

George Szirtes is one of the mentors on Writers’ Centre Norwich’s national Escalator Poetry Competition. Find out more about this poetry development prize at www.writerscentrenorwich.org.uk
Gillian CrossI’m working on a retelling of The Iliad and pondering a new novel. (I never tell people about those until they’re finished, in case I make them sound ridiculous and lose my nerve.)
Gordon and WilliamsRG: Another cup of coffee

BW: Penury, it seems

The publication of the “official” version of book in Spring 2007.

Further information can be found on our website at http://www.mathewandson.com
Greenhouse Literary AgencyMy priority is to get publishing deals for the authors I’ve signed. I’d also like to have more Irish clients. (I’m Irish and know how gifted Irish writers are but I think they are underrepresented in children’s writing outside Ireland.) Other than that, it’s to work hard for all of Greenhouse’s clients and to continue to bring the very best storytellers to children around the world.

The Greenhouse website http://www.greenhouseliterary.com and I’m also an occasional twitterer: @NolanPolly
Helen BlackFinish the edits on Place of Safety then plan Lilly book three and the stand alone thriller. Once I’ve got two detailed plans I can start one of them knowing I have everything ready for the other.

My web site is http://www.hblack.co.uk.
Also, for any crime fans out there, I’m on a couple of panels at Crimefest in June and I’m also going to be rolled out at the Harrogate Festival.
Helen CastorRight now it’s only a notion, but I think I can get money to make it into a concept, and later turn it into an idea… I’m working on it, in other words. Plus excited about the possibility that She-Wolves will make it on to the screen for BBC4.

Website is ‘under construction’ (ie on my to-do list) – but how useful are they really for writers, in any case, I keep wondering? Other than, of course, for keeping track of forthcoming events, diary-keeping not being my greatest talent… Next up are three London events: a Christmas celebration at Woolfson and Tay in Bermondsey on 17 December, and then a literary evening at Blackheath Halls on 19 January 2011, and Kensington Library on 3 February. If any WriteWords members feel like coming, it would be great to meet you!

Helen McWilliamsI’ve applied for a few freelance writing opportunities which I’m waiting to hear about, otherwise, more of the same.
I’m working on a website to share my fictional work, too. Watch this space
James BurgeI am writing a book about families in the thirteenth century who gave away all their money and followed Francis of Assisi.


Facebook page for my book Dante’s Invention:

You Tube of me talking about Dante:

Jane ElmorSeveral more 'final' edits of novel two while it goes through the publishing process and I get on with novel three – I've made a start with a few ideas, one of which will soon take hold and not let me go until it's done.
Jane RogersFinishing the new book (working title The testament of Jesse Lamb) and working on a radio adaptation of The Age of Innocence.

JemAt the moment I’m trying to turn into a long story a serial idea I had rejected last year. In this time of recession I am a great believer in recycling. Then I’m going to turn my mind to another serial, one I already have half an idea for.
Jenn AshworthPromotion of A Kind of Intimacy, then finishing the second novel, and setting up some more teaching and mentoring work for myself, I hope.
There are lots and lots of events this year at literary festivals, libraries and bookshops all over the county. The official launch of the novel is on the 31st March in Manchester, and I plug everything I do on my blog, which is here: http://www.jennashworth.blogpot.com

Thank you for having me!
Jill DawsonThe screen adaptation of Watch Me Disappear and a new collaborative non-fiction book with another author, which I’m keeping under wraps. And hopefully, when I’ve recovered, a new novel.

Jill McGiveringI’m just finishing my second novel which is set in North West Pakistan – and already starting to sketch out some ideas for the third which may be set in India.

My website is http://www.jillmcgivering.com
I’ve got about a dozen events pending. The next is at Richmond Library on September 23rd and I’m speaking at the Wimbledon BookFest on October 4th.
Jim YoungerWhat’s next is looking forward to the Vintage edition of High John the Conqueror which comes out next year. Otherwise, steadily writing, rewriting, writing ...
John RitchieI am going back to study one of my great loves – theatre, and how to write plays for stage and radio. I have already drafted the first episode of a television SitCom, I just haven’t had the courage to send it anywhere. Hopefully, I will discover I have some talent for this arena, alternatively, I might find that my script is just a waste of a perfectly good tree.

Jon HaylettI am beginning to think about my next novel, something quite different from the ten that have gone before. At the same time I’m writing short stories: one I’ve just finished has immediately won a prize.
My latest novel Black Mongoose has an in-depth website with detailed background information and topical issues, www.black-mongoose.co.uk.
Jonathan WolfmanTracy Beaker Returns series 3, acting in a play for charity and trying to flog my screenplay.
Josa YoungSorting out my life to make space for more fiction.
I am doing an evening event at the Cupboard Cafe in 1c Oaklands Grove, Uxbridge Road, Shepherds Bush, London, W12 0JD on 3 September 2009, and another in Waterstones, Notting Hill Gate, on 30 September in the evening. All welcome. Please visit http://www.oneappletasted.co.uk for more information and events as they happen.
Julia CopusI hope to have a bit more time for my poetry now, and I’m planning to work on versions of some of Ovid’s Heroides, or "Heroines" – fictitious letters from the mythological lovers of famous men who've abandoned them. I want to concentrate now on getting my next book finished. I’ve also been asked to think of more ideas for radio plays, and I’d like to translate a couple of children’s poems by Chukovsky, who’s the Russian equivalent of our Dr. Seuss: lots of off-the-wall images, great characters, and lively, trisyllabic metre – and rhymes of course.

I’m also judging the Nottingham National Poetry Competition – deadline 8th September. Details can be found here: http://jeremyrduffield.members.beeb.net/competitions.html
Kal BonnerI should have another book next year.I've also had interest shown in the film rights to 'Climbing A Ladder Backwards' - so that's all fairly exciting.

I have got a website www.kalbonner.com . The blog is actually a fictional serialisation based on a bar I am forced to frequent for research purposes. It's been running since July last year and I've had way over 250,000 visitors to the site so far. I only post about once a month (that's been stretched lately, due to other commitments) but each post is an episode using the same core characters.

I'm also a Twitter junkie and you can follow me - should the need arise - at http://twitter.com/KalBonner.

Do I get paid now?
Kate LongTo finish novel five, edit novel four, and then start work on novel six! I don’t like to leave a big gap between projects.

Details of events and signings coming up are on my website: http://www.katelong.co.uk
Kate Tymhttp://www.katetym.co.uk (in the process of being updated but will give you the general idea…)
http://www.theweddingpoet.co.uk (this is my website for my wedding poetry work – these poems are quite different in style to my own stuff)

I’ll be performing at the Lewes Arms in Lewes on 24th February. Details at http://www.oliverspoetry.com

Then 28th February, 8pm, Upstairs at Mr Beans in Hastings, E Sussex I’m getting together with local singer/songwriter Claire Hamill to put on an evening of music and spoken word – which is going to be brilliant1 - £5 on the door!
Kia AbdullahI will spend the rest of this year finishing my second novel and if all goes well, hopefully it will be available some time next year. I will hopefully continue writing articles for local and regional newspapers and perhaps, one day, I will have my regular slot in the Guardian!

My official web site can be found at http://www.kia-abdullah.com. It contains information about my book and also allows readers to contact me and read my blog.
Laura WatsonCurrently I’m focusing on my Arts Council Project which is my main challenge for this coming year. I’m also continuing to work on other tv, radio and theatre work, I want to concentrate on developing my original voice further.

I’m running a few Scriptwriting Sessions in Cambridge starting next month. They take place at Lucy Cavendish College on the following Saturdays: 23rd Oct, 13th Nov, 20th Nov, 27th Nov
I’ll also be running another Evening Class at Newmarket College in January.
Lee HenshawAnother novella: Phoney Tony, Plastic Lasagne and The Uncertainty of Friendship.

Lee JacksonWith luck, a creative writing project for the Museum of London Archaeological department, based around the remains of disinterred bodies – which will provide the facts – and my contribution, namely artistic speculation about said facts. We’re waiting on a funding application … fingers crossed.

Read my latest novel online via http://www.victorianlondon.org. There’s a book-signing at the East London Family History Society Fair in Barking, 23 January and a talk on Victorian pleasure gardens for the Museum of London in April (see their website for dates, in due course).
Lola JayeWriting book two, my Quick read and waiting for Will Smith to call about a movie… I’m also doing a talk at a prison and one in a club! Very varied! Long term, I feel it’s all about taking one step at a time. Two years ago things were so different. I had moments of wondering if this would ever happen… even though in the back of my mind I knew it would… I just wasn’t sure WHEN.

Members can read my road to publication and get oodles of inspiration by logging onto http://www.upadiary.blogspot.com (UPA stands for Unpublished Author). Then I have http://www.lolajaye.com which has author interviews imparting words of wisdom. Then there’s my new Blog - Diary of a Published Author, at http://www.lolajaye.com/blog. I can also be reached on Facebook, Myspace and Bebo!
LollypopAt Lollypop we have a target to raise £10,000 for CLIC Sargent and children with cancer. To that end we are looking to publish 5-10 titles per year. These are very exciting times for us and we are looking forward to the challenge.
London Script ConsultancyWe are currently working in conjunction with Different Plant Production developing a slate of Feature films as well as continuing the consultancy. We also teach lectures every Tuesday at central film school, and a brilliant weekend course. (The next weekend course is scheduled for the 6th and 7th of November ‘Becoming a Professional Screenwriter’)
We also own ‘Soho Filmakers’ and run workshops every Sunday where people can gain practical experience putting their script to screen.
A L BerridgeThe next few months will probably be fairly quiet as I get the second book, tentatively titled ‘Shame and Glory’, into shape. I’m on a panel at the Stratford Literary Festival on May 1st, and another on Historical Crime Fiction at Heffers in Cambridge on May 6th, but otherwise I’ll hopefully be head down on the third book.
Lucy McCarraherFinishing “Kindred Spirits” and seeing where that goes. Then another novel – although I’ve got two in my head at the moment, both fighting to be written. I don’t know which I would do first – perhaps try writing both at the same time….

My website is http://www.lucymccarraher.com and my blogsite, http://www.lucymccarraher.blogspot.com.

The launch of “Blood and Water” is at Goldsboro Books on Thursday 7th September; there’s an invitation on their website – http://www.goldsborobooks.co.uk.

And more information about Macmillan New Writing on http://www.macmillannewwriting.com
Luisa PlajaI'm working on my second novel, which is due to be published in 2009.
My own website is: http://www.luisaplaja.com
I also edit Chicklish, a site specialising in teen fiction news and reviews: http://www.chicklish.co.uk
The host and contributors are all members of WriteWords, and Alexandra deserves a special mention because she's produced so many fabulous reviews and interviews lately. Also Keris, without whom none of it would ever have been possible. Sob!
And I have events coming up! The first of these is the publication of Split by a Kiss on World Book Day (in the National Year of Reading!), 6th March 2008. I'm going to be doing readings and signings, but I'm not sure of the exact details yet.
Ah, and here are more details about Split by a Kiss: http://www.rbooks.co.uk/product.aspx?id=0552556807
Malcolm BurgessAs I mentioned a new ‘funny’ book, to be written by the spring.
And 500 Reasons Why I Hate The Office is out from Icon Books on 7 September at £9.99.
Mark BoothMcCrumble volume 2 is in production. I’ve been experimenting with a new set of characters in a blog format and might bring them more to the foreground if I think they’ll work. I’m waiting for that call from the Guardian and I’ve just finished writing a pilot episode for the TV version of McCrumble volume I, which I’m going to push towards some hip television company in blind hope that they’ll see the potential.

You can read the blog archive at http://mccrumble.blogspot.com. The first McCrumble book can be previewed at Google Books (http://books.google.com) – just enter ‘McCrumble’ as the search term.

Mark Liam PiggottMy next novel is about breakdown – mental, marital, societal. A play, a book of short stories, and a non-fiction book about homeless people.

My novel launches on 31st May, and I will love anyone who buys it unconditionally and forever. I don’t have a proper website, but Legend made me put up a Myspace page on which I occasionally witter on in a stultifyingly uninformed way about writing:
Matt Lynn‘Shadow Force’ is out in 2011, and I’m wiring ‘Ice Force’ which is set in the Arctic, for 2012.

MBA Literary AgentsI have a couple of big first novels coming out next year for which I have high hopes, and I have an exciting young new writer who I am hoping to place with a publisher shortly.
Meg PeacockeWhat’s next, I hope, is the next poem, and a few more after that, and more time with my brain and senses still live and open. That would be enough.
Michael RidpathI have almost finished the second book in the series about Magnus, the Icelandic detective. It will be about a group of Icelanders who meet up in the `pots and pans’ revolution of January 2009 and decide to punish those who they think are responsible for the credit crunch.

The first book in the series, Where The Shadows Lie is out at the moment in hardback.

My website http://www.michaelridpath.com has a lot more information about my writing and my books.
Michelene WandorI have a commission to write a book about writing drama, and then a play for the theatre, I hope. That commission isn’t nailed yet!

My website is: http://www.mwandor.co.uk. I have had two poetry collections published this year: ‘Musica Transalpina’, and ‘The Music of the Prophets’; the latter is about the resettlement of the Jews in England in the 17th century. Both are published by Arc Publications, and can be bought directly from me at special low prices! MY email is mwandor@compuserve.com.
Michelle HarrisonI plan to stay rooted in writing for the 9-12 age group, and have an idea for another book after The 13 Curses which I’m excited about. Eventually I’d like to try my hand at picture books, too.

Milly JohnsonMore novels. I have a lot of them lined up and waiting to be born in my head. I’m also writing a dark psychological thriller, which is great fun. I shall have finished a factual book about wrestling in our area this year and then I’m going to ghost-write the autobiography of Gary Tiplady, a 7ft 3 chef/celebrity look-alike. His is a very touching, fascinating story.

I’m very serious about keeping my readers informed with what I’m doing so my website is regularly updated http://www.millyjohnson.com.
Neil J HartMore reading and more writing. I’m planning to finish Book One of ‘The Madison Chronicles’ by the end of September. The autumn will comprise of further outlining for ‘Spritz Uncovered’ and a screenplay with Cally Taylor http://www.callytaylor.com

The release of Spritz as an audio book will happen later this year. If you keep an eye on my website at www.neiljhart.com I’ll post more information as and when I have it. I’m also entered into a number of first novel competitions around the country so if I make the shortlist for any of those this information will be available too.

I’m going to post up some extracts from ‘The Madison Chronicles’ later this week for PDF download. There are several short stories available at the moment plus the first three chapters of Spritz for download. Spritz is also available to buy through the site too or on Amazon.
Neil NixonI want to teach writing students until I die so the course goes on. The hospice book is out in January, the football book a few months later by which time I’ll be working on other books and probably have a film script being produced.
Nick GriffithsA cup of tea.
Nick StaffordFinishing the next draft of my new play for Birmingham. I just scrapped a draft because I thought it was worse than the previous! I rang the developer/literary manager Ben Payne and talked it out. I really couldn’t see the wood for the trees. The trouble was, now there’s a production date, I’d lost my sense of play, in both meanings of the phrase.

KATHERINE DESOUZA at Birmingham Rep in May 06. WAR HORSE at the Olivier, RNT, in Jan 07. Hopefully, hopefully, hopefully, an agent or publisher takes to my novel, AFTER THE WAR – my agent doesn’t handle adult fiction.
Nicky SingerAn opera. I have been commissioned by Glyndebourne to turn my new book The Knight Crew ( a re-creation of the Arthur legend set in contemporary gangland) into an opera for their youth project March 2010. This is fabulously exciting for me because instead of being holed up with my computer 24/7 I get to work with amazing people, like the wonderfully inventive composer Julian Philips and the director, John Fulljames, who’s really creatively sharp. For a lonely onesome writer, playing in such a communal, creative sandpit is a real privilege.
Nik PerringI’m in the middle of the Roaming Roman Book Tour as we speak, which includes school visits, library events, book signings and workshops – all to coincide with the release of I Met a Roman. That’s going to take me into December. At the same time I’m trying to get my second novel into print and finish off the other projects I’m working on.

All the details of my public appearances are up on my website, which you can find at:


I also keep an online journal which you can find here: http://nikperring.blogspot.com

Best of luck to everyone!
Patrick DillonI’ve just started another book for children called The Story of Buildings. It’s the first time I’ve combined my two worlds by doing a book about architecture. It’s unusual for me, as well, because it’s a collaboration with the illustrator Stephen Biesty. We want to tell the story not only of what buildings look like but how they’re made and why, and of how people use them. In other words, it’s not just a history of architecture but a book about buildings and people.

Meanwhile I’m working on a history book for grown-ups about the English Republic in the 1650s. I started with the early eighteenth century and have been going backwards in time ever since, trying to peel back the next layer of the onion to see what set events moving in a certain direction. That’s got me to the Republic, but I can see the Reformation ahead.

I’ve got a website for The Story of Britain called http://www.thestoryofbritain.com. It’s mainly designed for children, so I hope anyone who has kids will point them to the website. There’s even a button they can press to tell me what they think!
Peter Robertson
A great deal, as it happens. During what remains of 2007, I will be buckling down to more literary translation, writing a couple of short works of fiction and, now that I am also officially a journalist, doing some investigative writing. In early 2008, I will be continuing with my own literary agenda while also launching a Scottish literary review, with first-rate writers such as Kirsty Gunn, Robert Alan Jamieson, W.N. Herbert, Tom Pow, Anne Donovan and James Robertson already on board. As for artwork, Calum Colvin has kindly agreed to be featured artist for Issue 1.
Preethi NairI am currently writing a play for theatre. I have set up a new business Kiss the Frog that takes creativity back into organisations. Creativity is hugely undervalued as a resource for innovation and when working as a management consultant I thought this so I now do strategy and change from purely creative perspective.
Yes I am running a story workshop on June 16th – all proceeds go to MS.
Rebecca ConnellTHE ART OF LOSING, is available on Amazon. So, er, go and buy it. I do have a website – http://www.rebeccaconnell.com – but unfortunately I am terrible at updating it and have completely forgotten how to do it, so I’m relying on the help of a kindly WW friend to sort me out on that front! I’m sure it will be updated soon…
Rebecca StrongIdeas for my next novel keep popping into my head, so I hope to start working on it later this year.
Ron MorgansDespite my self publishing bravado I would love my titles one day to be published mainstream. They are certainly good enough.

See me at the Javea Book Circle in September


Rosy BarnesMy website is http://www.rosybarnes.com. I also write for the bookblog Vulpes Libris: http://vulpeslibris.wordpress.com

I'm doing a reading in London in Feb. Just hoping I can stop my hands shaking so much this time...

Sadomasochism for Accountants is available from Amazon at http://www.amazon.co.uk/Sadomasochism-Accountants-Rosy-Barnes/dp/0714531812 and is out now in Waterstones.
Sally NichollsKeep an eye out for Ways to Live Forever – January 7th 2008.
Sally ZigmondHope Against Hope will be published in June and I am told I’ll need to be ‘available’ around them for books signings etc. Otherwise I shall be at my desk rewriting my second unpublished novel and then start a third. I shall continue to write short stories and keep my blogs updated.


Sarah SalwayAfter we have finished editing the detective novel, provisionally called FOLLOW ME, I am going to be concentrating for a bit on the publishing company I have set up with Catherine Smith. It’s called Speechbubble Books (http://www.speechbubble.co.uk) and we are looking at different ways of publishing short stories. My own website is at http://www.sarahsalway.net
Sarah StovellI’m not sure yet. I’m about six weeks away from finishing my second novel, so I'll let you know.
Shahrukh HusainI’ve just been commissioned to write a stage play about Maharaja Ranjeet Singh, having come to the end of a screenplay about his son Duleep Singh. I’m also coming to the end of a contemporary novel set between India and England.

I’m running a workshop in Central London on March 25, 2006 on How to write your (non-fiction) book in three months. Contact me through my website http://www.shahrukh-husain.com

I’m also planning other workshops (details on website) – and I’ll be sure to let Writewords know – maybe even offer your members a discount!

How to write a book in three months
and £10 off for WriteWords members!
If you have always wanted to write a book but:
don’t know where to start
can’t express your ideas clearly
can never find the time
Then this course will show you quick and effective ways to write your book. During the day you will learn the following skills:
FOCUS IMMEDIATELY to produce a wealth of ideas
select your UNIQUE MESSAGE
create and BULK OUT your chapters
find the PERFECT STRUCTURE for your material
get rid of limiting beliefs and WRITE INSTANTLY
Facilitator Shahrukh Husain is a highly experienced writer and teacher who has written over 17 books, for both adults and children. She has also written plays and an Oscar nominated movie and is a practicing psychotherapist. Shah has devised her unique system to help write your book in rapid time, and this
workshop will teach you her amazing skills. For more information, please check her website on: www.shahrukh-husain.com
For more information e-mail: shah@shahrukh-husain.com. For credit card booking call 020 7625 1126, or send a cheque - payable to Narratives Ltd - to: 29 Winchester A enue, London NW6 7TT. Cost: £150.
Tea and coffee will be served. There are several convenient eating places within walking distance. The nearest tube stations are Lancaster Gate and Paddington. Buses: 94, 390, 148.
Saturday, 25th March 2006,
Columbia Hotel, Lancaster Gate, London W2
10.00 until 17.00
Shelley WeinerNo clear idea yet, beyond waiting for responses to the new novel. And thinking up those funny stories – why not? A few small commissions to fulfil, plus another year as an RLF Fellow, and perhaps some creative writing workshops which my ex-students seem to be clamouring for.

I keep being told that I should have a website, can’t quite see why, but will have to get one sorted. As for upcoming events – I do have an eight-week fiction workshop series planned for September. It’s for writers with some experience and will be held in Highgate from Wed 19 Sept, 7 – 9 p.m. The number of participants is strictly limited to 8, and there will be lots of feedback and discussion. If anyone’s interested, email shellweiner@btopenworld.com for more details.
ShikaKeepin’ on. Completing the first draft of the thriller I’m plotting out, completing the MA and the two novels I’ve started; polishing the short stories, continuing the journey.
My blog is at http://kenkeyandfish.blogspot.com
Short Story RadioWe have lots of exciting plans for the future. Over the coming months we'll be broadcasting all twenty stories that have been funded by Arts Council England. We are also working with other organisations to produce entertaining stories for our listeners.

There are plans for an online reading group and for creative writing courses taught by experienced and successful writers. We hope to continue working with charities and not-for-profit organisations, such as hospital radio stations, and the Royal National Institute of the Blind, to provide them with high quality spoken word productions.

Our competitions continue to attract a large number of entries and we are particularly excited about our latest - The Short Story Radio Romance Award 2010. http://www.shortstoryradio.com/short_story_competitions.htm Our shortlist judge is Pat Richardson, founder of the Perfectly Worded Writing and Editing Consultancy, and the former Fiction Editor of Best magazine.
Smith Browne
We're aiming for the SV's archive to grow over the course of 2007-2008 and for submissions of varying styles, types and viewpoints to fill our coffers. In the future, we'll seek funding to help keep the SV running and growing. We hope to be able to take on another editor, who can bring a different perspective to the selection of work and can help expand the site in ways we've not yet thought of. What will not change is the mandate to continue to foster the reading of Living Poetry.
Steve FeaseyChangeling: Blood Wolf comes out in February 2010, and book four will be out later the same year. After that, I’m starting the first book in a new series, before finishing the Changeling series with book five. Crikey, it sounds a bit scary writing it all down like that!
Have you got a website/event coming up that we can let our members know about?
My website is, http://www.stevefeasey.com. And you can follow my blog at, http://rantsteverant.blogspot.com.
Steven HagueMy next book is called Blood Law, and it’s the second in the Zac Hunter series of novels. When Hunter answers a distress call from a beautiful Latino girl from his past, he finds himself sucked deep into the murky world of L.A. street gangs, where illegal drugs are the major currency and automatic weapons are the main negotiating tool. With a child’s life at stake, Hunter finds himself in a race against time to discover who’s behind the recent upsurge in violence, and why they’re so keen to see the streets run with blood. Blood Law will be out sometime next year, but in the meantime I’m working hard on my third novel, which is provisionally entitled ‘The Beholder.

My website address is http://www.stevenhague.com, and I’d love to hear from other Writewords subscribers via the ‘Contact Steven’ link on the bottom of the home page.
Sue MoorcroftI’m writing Love and Freedom and planning the story of Liza. Liza is the sister of Cleo from All That Mullarkey. She is a good character: sassy and irrepressible. She deserves a book of her own. I think she’s going to get a guy called Marcus, who is slightly older than her. I actually have the prologue written in my head and will soon commit it to paper (much safer – my memory is leaky).
My website is at http://www.suemoorcroft.com and my blog at http://suemoorcroft.wordpress.com

Tania HershmanI recently won a fellowship to go for a month to the La Muse writing retreat, and I will be there in November for 3 weeks, working on a collection of flash stories which is nearly complete, and also getting to know one of my characters, Mary Margaret, a little better. She was a 16-year-old in Ireland in 1957 in my story Drinking Vodka in the Afternoon and she's the only character that has asked for more to be written about her. I have written another Mary Margaret story and some other bits and pieces and I want to see what else there is. Not a novel – maybe a linked collection, who knows?!Drinking Vodka ... just won prizes in two competitions, which is a wonderful boost, indicating that I seem to be going in the right direction with Mark Margaret.

http://www.taniahershman.com, my blog is http://www.titaniawrites.blogspot.com, my book has a website http://www.thewhiteroadandotherstories.com, and there is The Short Review, http://www.theshortreview.com.

As for events, I am reading at the Frank O'Connor International Short Story Festival in Cork on September 19th, and will be at the Momaya Press short story award evening on November 25th at the London Review of Books bookshop to pick up my 3rd prize, which is thrilling! So if anyone is in Cork or London on those dates, I'd love to meet you.
Tara HylandWell, publication of my first book on March 18, and then working on the edits for Book 2.

My website is http://www.tarahyland.com
There should be details on the news section of any upcoming events. And you can email any additional questions.
Tim LottPoverty, probably.
Tony McGowanI have to burnish Death Be Not Proud, then I’d like to try something new. I’m drawn to the idea of writing a play. I also have about six ideas for teenage novels. But the truth is I won’t know what I’m doing next until I sit in front of my iMac and see where my typing fingers take me.

Unthank BooksFour books a year that are strong, vibrant, entertaining and really reccommendable to any of your friends.
V'yonneI want to get a collection of poems published. I have a novella I'd like to finish and some themed stories I'm working at. I want to improve my IT skills.

Flash Forum is fun. I have certain favourite magazines that I send work to almost monthly now. Those editors have been encouraging and they like my work and I like the ethos of those magazines. I get a bit lazy about subbing - I don't know how you people with children manage! My hat's off to you.

I'm trying to write a series of stories about my Technopolymorphs so that I can include them in a proposal for a collection of horror. (Still can't believe I write horror)

The down-side of writing is the rejections. I keep sending things to publishers but no luck so far and I suppose I may have to face that fact that I'm not that good
Vanessa Curtis
I’m halfway through a new novel for the 11+ age group whilst my agent tries to sell the first book. It’s difficult not knowing what’s going to happen, but the important thing is to get on with the next project. Having something else on the go is a sort of defence mechanism, a fat bolster between expectation and rejection. Being a writer, you just have to get on and write. The act of writing is what matters most of all.
View and HissI see a time when we can start turning over a profit from the sales of the magazine and be in a position to pay contributors. As a writer myself, I wish that could happen now, but these things take time to build and we are taking a long term approach and building something that has strong foundations and is not going to fold because we've overstretched to soon.
William ColesI've got two things that are bubbling away.
http://www.wcoles.com - complete with pictures and my daily blog: Six pithy little sentences with which I strive to amuse.
William SuttonThe Worms of Euston Square is published this week, and I’m in the Edinburgh Book Festival, so I’m hoping that’ll lead to fame and fortune – or at least to getting established as a novelist and maybe the occasional school appearance.

Events in Scotland and London will be posted on my website:
and my publishers’