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Collated Answers from WW interviews

How can people find out more about you?
Apostrophe Books

Visit our web site! www.apostrophebooks.com We’re also on Twitter (@apostrophebooks), Facebook (www.facebook.com/apostrophebooksltd) and Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/apostrophebooks). You can see where our e-books rank on Goodreads lists too.
Darley AndersonYou can find out more about me on the ‘about us’ page on the Darley Anderson website http://www.darleyanderson.com There is also an interesting news section and information about all our authors – this should give a good idea about what we are looking for.
E and T Bookshttp://www.eandtbooks.com
Follow us on twitter – eandtbooks
Email me with any q’s – ellen@eandtbooks.com
Egmont Presshttp://www.egmont.co.uk
Flicking LizardThrough our website. It's got a detailed FAQs section with information on how to submit your manuscript, the advances/royalties we pay and all our contact details.
and our book: ‘Teach Yourself: How to Write a Blockbuster’ by Helen Corner and Lee Weatherly, Hodder, £9.99. This is based on our workshops and is a combined book on how to write sparkling commercial fiction and then how to submit to agents and publishers. We also advertise in writing magazines with author testimonials that change every month.

Plans for the future are to help and launch as many authors as we can!
You can contact Helen on: Helen@cornerstones.co.uk
tel: 020 8968 0777
and please quote this article as the reference.
Holland HouseGo to the relevant site and email us – ask as many questions as you wish.

We try to be open and helpful – I still have writers whose work we have turned down talking with me about their books. Zoe and I also have a freelance editing service but for ethical reasons we can’t take on books we rejected. But I am happy to chat about them!

LollypopFor more information you can check out the Lollypop Publishing website at http://www.lollypoppublishing.co.uk
Author websites include Jilly Henderson-Long & Yucketypoo at http://www.yucketypoo.co.uk or The Walking Bus Guide site at http://www.thewalkingbus.co.uk
Long Barn Books
Yes. http://www.susan-hill.com and http://www.longbarnbooks.com
Macmillan New WritingTake a look at http://www.macmillannewwriting.com
Our plans for the future are simply to continue to discover and publish the best debut fiction.
Nick GriffithsMy website is at http://www.nickgriffiths.co.uk, on which I will post all upcoming events. You could also try my publisher at http://www.legendpress.co.uk.
TenebrisEverything you need to know is on our website: http://www.tenebrisbooks.com or you can follow us on Twitter @tenebrisbooks or Like us on Facebook http://www.facebook.com/TenebrisBooks
The LadyYou can visit the website at www.lady.co.uk but it is best to buy a copy of the magazine – or you could order it from your newsagent, or take out a subscription (that is a cheaper option over the year)
Tony McGowanHave you got a website/event coming up that we can let our members know about?
Funny you should ask – I have just launched http://www.anthonymcgowan.com, which is full of writerly goodness, and enough personal information to satisfy any potential stalker. I’m quite proud of it as I did everything myself, despite the fact that I’m rubbish at designy type stuff.
View and HissOur website - http://viewfromheremagazine.com and you can browse past copies of the magazine at http://magcloud/browse/Magazine/2368 and if you Twitter you can follow us here: http://twitter.com/theviewfromhere
The Writers' Workshop
You can find out more about who we are (http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/staff.shtml) and what we do (http://www.writersworkshop.co.uk/services.shtml) at our website.