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Andrew Nurnberg Associates Interview

Posted on 25 February 2010. © Copyright 2004-2024 WriteWords
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WriteWords talks to Jenny Savill, literary agent with Andrew Nurnberg Associates

Tell us all about the agency- history, ethos, aims, people involved

ANA was founded in 1977 by Andrew Nurnberg. We represent a distinguished list of international authors of fiction and non-fiction, including children's writers.

Our core business is foreign rights and we are proud to represent some leading UK and US agent and publisher clients through our offices in the UK and overseas. From our UK office in Clerkenwell we place books in translation in Western Europe, the UK and the US. We also have offices in Eastern Europe, Russia, China and Taiwan.

ANA has always represented a select list of primary authors and this list is growing – particularly the children’s list. ANA authors benefit from being part of an agency which is already geared up to place them not only in the UK and the US, but in foreign markets all over the world as well.

Who’s on your client list and why?

We have an eclectic list of authors including Antony Beevor, Jackie Collins, Alex Garland and Cornelia Funke, all of whom need no introduction. We’ve recently taken on some very exciting new children’s and YA voices, including Sara Grant, Keren David, Helen Moss, Karen Ball and Katie Dale – all ones to watch!

What excites you about a piece of writing-

A fresh voice excites me. Great pace, superbly drawn characters, authenticity and a strong plot keep me interested.

and what makes your heart sink?

Manuscripts that are clones of best selling books.

A longer version of this interview is available to WriteWords Full and Community Members.
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Andrew Nurnberg has been a specialist since 1977, yet for the vast bulk of that time he's not run the sort of organization that authors would typically submit to directly. Rather, his eponymous agency sold the remote rights for the benefit of different agencies and publishers. So, for example, if your UK and US sales were dealt with by the XYZ Agency, that organization may procure Andrew to sell the translation rights in Europe and elsewhere.

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