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The Anti-Procrastination Challenge

Hosted by Issy

Procrastination seems like a dreaded disease that takes hold of many writers. The main problem seems to be getting started. Dorothea Brande recommends setting a time when writing was to start, so the mind is geared up to it, and the writer would be ready, come hell or high water, phone off the hook, email programme closed, pen or keyboard in hand at the appointed moment.And start. At whatever stage the writing or editing or other task is. I have found that the technique does work for me, but that I am often lazy in setting my target time. I seriously want to double my writing time, which comes down to one session of a couple of hours a day to two or even three sessions. The Fast First Draft is working brilliantly,with writers uploading their personal challenges and then updating. But there are numerous drafts after that, plus editing, plus brainstorming, plus research, that doesn't necessarily fit a word count. With a group setting out their individual challenges and updating what they did, (very briefly, as this mustn't turn into yet another procrastination task,) we may well come up with other effective techniques. Though, I think the Dorothea Brande technique would be good place to kick start the challenge.

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