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  • Green Wing
    by kennyp at 20:49 on 23 October 2004
    Who said British comedy was dead? One of most original and innovative not forgetting laugh out loud funny programmes on TV at the moment. This comedy set in a hospital is from the same people who made Smack The Dead Pony. An excellent ensemble cast dishes out humour that verges from the absurdly silly: kart wheeling doctors, demented personal officers, to great one liners and gags normally from the interplay between the Guy and Mac characters. Not forgetting the quirky visual gags helped along by sometimes idiosyncratic filming. Has there been a show we more grotesquely comedic characters from the disturbingly repressed Dr Statham, to the over sexed menopausal Joanna. The cast of excellent actors deliver what are always a consistently funny script. Catch it before it ends. Last episode next Friday Channel Four 9.30 PM

  • Re: Green Wing
    by fevvers at 11:42 on 08 November 2004
    I agree Green Wing is amazing comedy. It lives on the edge of conventional situation comedy and Chris Morris' wonderful Jam (though not quite so dark, but pretty dark at times). What is fantastic is that amongst all the grotesques, Joanna, Alan, Guy, Martin etc we have the incredibly 'real' and natural characterisation of Mac, and to an extent Caroline and Sue White (both still, though, with strong elements of caricature - esp. Sue White). The casting was inspired. The ending was fabulous! I can't wait for the DVD and the second series.

    But it was from the writers of Smack the Pony - I don't think it was dead.
  • Re: Green Wing
    by kennyp at 20:48 on 08 November 2004
    I agree the set-up and payoff for the final episode was excellent even the homage/pastiche at the end of the Italian job. Excellent news that Channel four have commissioned a second series. It will be interesting to see if they can continually push the envelope for the second series and if the scripts will be up to the high standard they have set.