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  • write goodier entences
    by richard123 at 09:33 on 11 March 2019
    HI And thanks for reading this post. My writing is so boring and drab to read, when i look at similar stuff written by pros the pro version sounds so much better, is there any way to layout sentences and paragraphs to make them more entertaining/spellbinding to suck the reader into the story, have you noticed anything while reading other people's or work written by pros and have noticed anything,
    or am i wrong, are you born with an instinct/writing style/pizzaz something that cannot be taught, writers such as hemmingway

    Many thanks
  • Re: write goodier entences
    by kevinbear at 11:19 on 10 January 2020
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  • Re: write goodier entences
    by evawilson886 at 13:38 on 16 October 2020
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  • Re: write goodier entences
    by AbbyWater at 17:37 on 18 December 2020
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