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  • Minimalist Writing Tools
    by AndrewStones at 11:02 on 02 October 2014
    Hi everyone,

    I wonder if different writing environment (applications, I mean) influence you and boosts you somehow to write? I.e. if it matters for you where you write and which tools you use.
    I for example like using distraction-free software that helps me to be on the top of my imagination and do not get distracted to anything but words. Previously I used write monke, now I use Write www.wri.tt and both of them help me achieve good results.
    What can you say of it?
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  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by Freebird at 14:52 on 02 October 2014
    Hi Andrew,I haven't tried any of the software - just me and my imagination and the laptop, I'm afraid.  Do you think it helps you to be more organised in your ideas?
  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by AndrewStones at 14:54 on 02 October 2014
    Well, I don't think it organizes your ideas, it's just you see nothing but text and screen (even no icons), it somehow favours, I think.
  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by Catkin at 15:28 on 02 October 2014
    Welcome to WW, Andrew.

    I have to write first drafts in longhand, but other than that I don't have any special writing methods. It doesn't matter to me where I write, but I don't function too well in a noisy environment - one of the reasons I took up writing womag stories (ie the sort of stories in magazines like Woman's Weekly) was so I had something to do on trains. It's hard to write anything complicated and demanding on a train, so writing womag is perfect: they're easy and straightforward in comparison with literary stuff.
  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by EmmaD at 20:07 on 02 October 2014
    I do find longhand vs computer are very different. But I mostly work at home - not brilliant at working in other environments though I can if I must. Bed on laptop

    Having said that, I had an idea for a play which I had (and have) NO idea if it would work or not, and taking a notebook out on a sunny Sunday and writing outside with lots of people strolling past was interestingly anti-distraction.
  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by orchard_cipher at 13:23 on 09 October 2014

    I’m very much a beginner when it comes to writing, but I’ve started to take it more seriously over the last year or so. For me, the writing environment affects my inspiration in a big way. I was always put off by the apparent complexity of traditional word processors such as Word or Open Office. I found the appearance very stark and dull and as such, pretty uninspiring.

    When I first decided to start writing proper, I tried Scrivener which is a very impressive program and allows you to do full screen, distraction free writing. However, I found that after using it for a while, I was getting still distracted by the sheer amount of features, rather than simply concentrating on writing.

    Switching from Windows 7 to Ubuntu in an attempt to get a more responsive experience from my netbook, I stumbled upon a nice little program called Focuswriter and I absolutely love its simplicity. It has a very basic set of features, but I use the majority of them. It also has pretty extensive theming options which I enjoy using. I change themes based on what sort of material I’m writing. The word counter and daily progress tracker are also very encouraging.

    Consequently, my writing space is a joy to use and I’ve become more prolific as a result. I’ve never written so much in my life than I have since I’ve been using Focuswriter. 
  • Re: Minimalist Writing Tools
    by AndrewStones at 13:35 on 09 October 2014
    I totally agree with you!
    I have tried both of the apps you mentioned and can say that focuswriter is a really powerful tool.
    Anyway, the world of word processors is not bound by only a few of them, so we can go on trying and sharing the experience.