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  • Compunds/hyphens
    by JTL at 16:37 on 17 April 2014

    Is the use of the hyphen ok in the phrase below, which describes the cleaning process for shop-primed steel in a bullet point style?

    'Shop-primed steel: sweep-blasted to SPSS-Ss or power tool-cleaned to SPSS-Pt3'

    The full meaning in prose is:
    To clean s
    hop-primed steel, the surface must be sweep-blasted to SPSS-Ss standard or power tool cleaned to SPSS-Pt3 standard.

    It would be easier to write 'cleaned by power tool', but the client has this phrase translated in a number of documents so we have to stick to the style.

    Many thanks for any help. 
  • Re: Compunds/hyphens
    by EmmaD at 22:18 on 17 April 2014
    It should be power-tool cleaned. Again, it's two words working togettogether as a single adjective describing the king of cleaning.
  • Re: Compunds/hyphens
    by EmmaD at 12:47 on 18 April 2014
    Oh dear, terrible typing on my phone there, and now it's too late to edit! Sorry.
  • Re: Compunds/hyphens
    by JTL at 08:30 on 19 April 2014
    Hi Emma

    Thanks once again for your reply.

    No problem about the typing. Power-tool cleaning is the more thorough option, though the 'king of cleaning' is a little strong. :-)

    And I think you may start a trend with the new word 'togettogether' though! 

    Take care