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  • Hist-fic advice needed
    by Astrea at 11:05 on 19 April 2013
    I was browsing the forums,more or less aimlessly, and then I saw this:


    Followed the link, and was fascinated (as you'll see from the rest of the thread). I've always been a bit of a history geek - grew up on Nigel Tranter and John Prebble, did Scottish history in my final year at uni as an afterthought and absolutely loved it - but I'd never seriously thought of writing it.

    Now, though, it's starting to feel more, well, possible. But I really feel I need some pointers as to how to go about things - does anyone know of any websites/introductory courses I could do? If I was writing contemporary fiction, I'd rough out a synopsis, and start typing, but because hist fic is so different, I think I need a few pointers first.

    Any thoughts?

  • Re: Hist-fic advice needed
    by EmmaD at 16:30 on 19 April 2013
    I'd rough out a synopsis, and start typing,

    That's what I'd do... If all the events and characters are pure fiction.

    If there are major characters who are fact, then it's a little trickier. But I'd still be inclined to rough out a synopsis, then read what needed reading, then adjust the synopsis, then write my head off while trying to avoid constantly checking back to the facts. Your writerly imagination needs space and air to flower, without being shackled to the text books.
  • Re: Hist-fic advice needed
    by Astrea at 13:30 on 20 April 2013
    Fair enough. Right, off to plan a synopsis. I may be some time...