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    by Elspeth at 12:51 on 18 February 2004
    Help! Googling myself crazy and trawling through Amazon; all to no avail.
    Does anyone know anything about a published collection of extremely short stories? I think it originated with a newspaper competition in the States where the story had to be no more than 53 words long (I think that was it but I can't remember the exact figure). Anyway, there's a paperback book with hundreds of one-page stories in it (all by different authors) but I can't find it (or anything similiar) and I know it exists because I've read the damn thing at some point.
    Anyway, any light anyone can shed on this one would be gratefully received.
  • Re: Book Search
    by Elspeth at 13:03 on 18 February 2004
    Good grief, after all that I think I've finally found it!
    It's titled 'The World's Shortest Stories' and each one is 55 words or less; if anyone's interested (so I wasn't that far off).

    Right, time for a cuppa, and a deep breath....
  • Re: Book Search
    by Anna Reynolds at 13:15 on 18 February 2004
    Katie, you're too quick in answering your own question- I was just about to post! I have the very book. The book itself is very, very small... and funny. By Coasterbooks.
  • Re: Book Search
    by Elspeth at 15:25 on 18 February 2004
    Thanks Anna!
  • Re: Book Search
    by Account Closed at 16:28 on 18 February 2004
    Even in these accepting times, I believe one should think twice before exclaiming that one is 'googling' oneself crazy.

    It could be taken in many different ways, many of which make me smile.
  • Re: Book Search
    by Elspeth at 16:32 on 18 February 2004
    Naturally, given my young and innocent mind I have no idea what you're talking about.
    But happy if it made you smile.
  • Re: Book Search
    by Account Closed at 16:53 on 18 February 2004
    I won't even pretend to be innocent, and instead just sit here with big smile etched into my face.
  • Re: Book Search
    by James Anthony at 16:58 on 18 February 2004
    I'd like to see a person with a smile actually etched on their face.

  • Re: Book Search
    by Account Closed at 19:00 on 18 February 2004
    It can be arranged.
  • Re: Book Search
    by olebut at 19:05 on 18 February 2004
    I B glad you didn't claim to be young


    oddly enough I decided to do a google search on my full proper name and it told me I had spelt it incorrectly and came up with no matches, equally if i leave out my middle name then 80 pages and not one of them appears to be me Hurrah


    however if you type in anybody's writewords name google takes you straight to their prophile page and you can then read their work even if they have selected the write words members only facility I have e mailed David Bruce about this apparent anomoly as it certainly destroys the non published theory


    Panic over guys and gals I recieved by return a response from The ever efficient and helpful Brucemeister

    No although your profile will be visible on google, (unless you hide it), if you have selected members only when you upload a work a non member will not be able to view it from anyway (even if they knew the address and went straight to the page!)
    If you`d like to be sure, log out of the site, then go to google again and click to go to your profile - you`ll see a long list of `Work visible to WW members only `

  • Re: Book Search
    by Account Closed at 09:12 on 19 February 2004
    At 25 years of age, I can't really claim to be young. Younger than some, perhaps. I'll keep claiming that until I'm older than everyone else, at which point I becoe "wise".