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  • Short stories for children...?
    by Anna Reynolds at 15:13 on 04 March 2014
    I'm looking for some recommendations of short stories for younger readers, preferably around 7-9 years old, and preferably fantasy/sci fi ish if possible. A student I work with has to write some of these, and I'd like to recommend some. All I can think of is The Happy prince, which isn't fantasy or sci fi, and novels. Are there classic or contemporary classic shorts for kids? All suggestions gratefully received!
  • Re: Short stories for children...?
    by adele at 12:06 on 05 March 2014
    Anything by Robert Westall has a great fantasy fiction feel, plus he is a old school writer so his work is less commerical. Future Track 5 is sci fi and still a great read. For younger children the Beast Quest novels seem to be popular but they aren't as complex as I would like for a young child. Eragon is aimed at 10 - 14 year olds but adults like to read this too. My daughter at 7 also loves the Doctor who books and Percy Jackson books. Younger children you can always go back to Enid Blyton. Hope this helps Adele
  • Re: Short stories for children...?
    by NMott at 17:55 on 05 March 2014
    Some of the following authors may also have short stories - 
    Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell have collaborated on a number of series of fantasy books for that age group.

    Jasper Fforde's Dragonslayer series

    The Spooks Books by Joseph Delaney (otherwise known as The Wardstone Chronicles)

    Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

    The Spiderwick Chronicles series by Holly Black 

    Terry Pratchett
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  • Re: Short stories for children...?
    by Anna Reynolds at 10:33 on 06 March 2014
    Thanks both- I'll get reading and recommending.