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Random Read

  • Louise Penny - Chief Inspector Gamache series
    by NMott at 23:47 on 10 January 2014
    Recently came across this author's series of 9 books (hopefully more to come) and have been completely seduced by the murder mysteries. The novels are set in Canada, and most take place in the small backwoods village of Three Pines and it's eclectic and well drawn cast of characters. Just when you think it's becoming a bit too Midsomer Murders she switches to other locations such as Quebec and Montreal before returning to Three Pines.
    Aside from the tightly plotted murder mysteries there is also a lot of food - it is actually food porn - and at some point I intend to visit Canada and eat my way through blueberry pancakes drizzled with maple syrup  and a couple of scoops of organic full cream vanilla pod ice cream, followed by freshly baked crusty baguettes smothered in local butter accompanying the homemade garden pea and ham hock soup and washed down with a microbrewery beer... I would go on but I need to go raid the fridge. Whatever you do don't read it without a snack by your side.