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  • Writer of Blackpool
    by Samuraipanda at 00:32 on 22 December 2004
    Does anyone know who the writer for the BBC TV series Blackpool (staring David Morrisey) was? I thought that show was brilliant and all the characters were some of the best I have ever seen on a drama series. I'm hoping to use it as a reference for my TV series in creating characters, can anyone tell me who wrote this series?
  • Re: Writer of Blackpool
    by Account Closed at 07:49 on 22 December 2004
    Yes, it was marvellous, marvellous, marvellous, wasn't it? I absolutely loved it - unique and wonderful. Hope they do a 2nd series and soon!!! Can't remember who the writer was, but it should be on the BBC website or you could Google it ...


  • Re: Writer of Blackpool
    by Samuraipanda at 09:22 on 22 December 2004
    Not too sure if a second series would work for something like this as they pretty much wrapped it all up in the final episode. I liked the fact that all the characters changed the more the series progressed. Ripley Holden started off a complete monster, but became a real human being by the end of the series and Carlise started off as the tradtional hero but became more corruptable as he tried to take Ripley down. Great characters!

    Also the musical numbers were extremely funny, I felt they worked well even though a review I read of it said that they distracted from the story. My favorite was the "Boots are made for walking" dance with Ripley and Carlise.
  • Re: Writer of Blackpool
    by Anna Reynolds at 09:51 on 22 December 2004
    Peter Bowker. Not sure what else he's done but you could probably Google him and find out?
  • Re: Writer of Blackpool
    by Samuraipanda at 10:16 on 22 December 2004