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  • Books on TV/radio this week, 28 Nov onwards...
    by Anna Reynolds at 15:26 on 27 November 2004
    Nov 28, Radio 4, 3pm
    Black Beauty by Anna Sewell

    Radio 4, 4pm
    Open Book; a reading clinic on Anthony Burgess and an interview with Andy McNab

    Monday Nov 29
    Radio 4, 9.45am
    First part of Brian Dolan's biog of Josiah Wedgewood; Entrepreneur to the Englightenment

    Tuesday Nov 30
    The Animals of Farthing Wood
    BBC2, 6am
    Children's drama based on the book by Colin Dann

    Radio 4, 2.15 pm
    Afternoon Play; The resurrection of Miss Pym
    Based on the true story of the disappearence of the novelist Barbara Pym

    Radio 4, 3.45pm
    John Carey discuss reading with Azar Nafisi, author of Reading Lolita in Tehran; A Memoir Of Books

    Radio 4, 7.15pm
    Front Row; further discussion of National Novel Writing Month

    Dec 1
    Radio 4, 2.15pm
    Afternoon Play
    Even The Olives Are Reading
    Based on the life of poet Charlie Donnelly

    Radio 4, 3.45pm
    Mind Reading; With Sue Townsend and Francis Spufford

    BBC4, 8.30pm
    The Book Show
    A look at how we will buy books in the future including an interview with Ali Smith

    Thurs Nov 2

    Channel 4, 11.05pm
    All The Pretty Horses
    Film of Cormac McCarthy's cult novel
    Fri Nov 3

    Radio 4, 9.30pm
    Night Waves
    Interview with Richard Ford, author of Aneriucan classic Independence Day