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  • Re: Best ever writer
    by NMott at 14:47 on 24 December 2008
    brightlad, you didn't even tell me he was a minimalist - that was something I had to find out for myself. Which is why I doubt that you know the man as well as you think you do. Maybe you have been to a single play - Play - and that was enough? It seems very strange to me. I can't stop taking about the latest novel I've read, and yet you barely mention any of Beckett's works, and avoided Emma's question about Beckett the author and Beckett the playwright.
    I think you are playing the stooge to see how many of us have read or watched Beckett - which, admittedly, is not many of us. He, like many literary authors, is an acquired taste - like sprouts.
  • Re: Best ever writer
    by brightlad at 14:54 on 24 December 2008
    Of course not many of you have read Beckett, why should you for after all you are only writers. Maybe you are too busy watching the man booker prize for the best turnip-head on tv, maybe you dont have the depth to read Beckett.
  • Re: Best ever writer
    by Jem at 17:07 on 24 December 2008
    'Tis the season to be jolly.
  • Re: Best ever writer
    by NMott at 17:22 on 24 December 2008
    Tralalalalaa lala la laaaaaa.
  • Re: Best ever writer
    by brightlad at 18:19 on 24 December 2008
    By the way, I hope you dont mind me asking but I wonder if any of you literary ladies(forget it nik,I dont mean you)
    would be interested in posing for me? It would have to be in the nude partly because I have not yet mastered drapery and partly because the painting I have in mind is of a naked woman holding a pen.
  • Re: Best ever writer
    by BeckyC at 15:07 on 25 December 2008
    Having read the last eight pages, I am definitely up for that. If only Beckett could join us - still, I'm sure he'll be watching from his higher spiritual plane (the old perv!).

    I do rate Beckett, but when it comes to curling up in bed with a mug of cocoa he ain't a patch on Jilly Cooper.
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