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  • Two brill books, back to back...
    by CarolineSG at 19:59 on 02 March 2008
    ...which doesn't happen often, does it?

    First up was What was Lost by Catherine O Flynn, which won the Costa first book award, thoroughly deservedly. She has such a wonderful writing voice (real make-you-laugh, make-you-cry stuff) that I will instantly buy her next one, whatever the subject matter. Depressingly, it seems she was rejected by about ten agents and ended up going directly to a small publisher in Birmingham that supports local writers.

    Then I had the great good fortune to follow it with Notes from an Exhibition by Patrick Gale, which was deeply satisfying and so skillfully written I am planning to go back and buy all his others. I read Rough Music ages ago and really enjoyed it, but sort of forgot about him until now.
    Anyway, sorry these aren't reviews, just wanted to recommend these authors and see if anyone else had read the books?
  • Re: Two brill books, back to back...
    by Dee at 21:16 on 02 March 2008
    Thanks Caroline. I bought Notes From An Exhibition last week will bump it up the reading pile now.


  • Re: Two brill books, back to back...
    by cherys at 18:59 on 03 March 2008
    Reading Notes from an Exhibition right now.


    half way through it and yes, i now want to read his other work. Very assured slow opening. More portrait less plot than so much else around - it's refreshing to read something of this pace and detail. Also a coup to make a quiet biddable Quaker man so interesting to read about, in Anthony.
  • Re: Two brill books, back to back...
    by JASE1985 at 10:27 on 06 March 2008
    hi Caroline,

    I read What Was Lost recently too and definitely recommend it. An absolutely fantastic read. Unfortunately I failed to follow it up with Generation X, which I found to be very disappointing.

    I have tried three times now to get into Douglas Coupland and I just can't... so I am giving up! Soon got back on track though with Blaze by Stephen King (which I also highly recommend even if you are not a King fan). It is a homage to Of Mice and Men and is very moving. It seems there isn't anything that Stephen King cannot do!

  • Re: Two brill books, back to back...
    by CarolineSG at 13:22 on 06 March 2008
    Hope you're still enjoying it, Cherys.
    Jason, I've never got into Douglas Coupland either, although I sort of like that he exists!
    I am definitely on a good run, because I am now reading The Birth of Venus by Sarah Dunant, which is fantastic. She's another author with a large back catalogue just waiting for my next Amazon visit......