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  • Re: Philip Pullman
    by optimist at 09:26 on 06 February 2008

    No - Lyra will go 'over the bridge' at the beginning of film 2 and meet Will - and they'll miss out how he got there?

  • Re: Philip Pullman
    by MF at 12:08 on 07 February 2008
    [quote]I think internally, there's a lot going on, and a lot for the reader to think about, but that kind of fiction is difficult to convert to a screenplay without lots of narrative.[quote]

    Definitely agree. I saw the film a while ago, and all the special effects in the world couldn't bring the book to life...
  • Re: Philip Pullman
    by NMott at 15:52 on 14 February 2008
    Oh, dear, I've just got to the end of Northern Lights, and all I can think is 'why do that to poor-old-one-dimensional-plot-device Roger'? It would have been so much more effective to have Lord Asriel confronted by fate and have to do the Abraham/Isaac thing. Tsk, Pullman missed a trick there.
  • Re: Philip Pullman
    by NMott at 16:33 on 22 February 2008
    Having just finished the second book of the trilogy - subtle knife - I have to admit it's not at all what I was expecting. I had this idea that Will and Roger were the same person, but were separated from Lyra by another dimension. Maybe that happens in the 3rd book, we'll see.
    Another thing that struck me was how Pullman seems to have sat back, stretched, and taken his time with a rather meandering plot in the 2nd book. Did he really need a whole book to set the scene for book 3?
    And I have a chat with my mum today, and she asked, "is there any humour in it?" And I had to think for a minute and say, in all honesty, "No." Aside from the one scene with the bung and the narrow boat, Pullman is a pretty humourless writer.
    My biggest bug bear about book 2? Well aide from te continued uses of one dimensional characters as plot devices, and the at times rather un-natural dialogue, it would the constant references to Will's breast. Oh for god's sake, man, it's a chest. Boys don't have breasts, not even one.

    - NaomiM


    oops, sticky keys: ....had a chat......aside from the continued use of...
  • This 19 message thread spans 2 pages:  < <   1  2